Family in Roma week Part 2

Thursday we decided to brave the centre of Roma again as my Mum & Sister wanted to see some more sights!

Rain had been forecast for the day so we took umbrella’s and light rain coats just incase we did get caught in a big down pour.

I wore a maternity t-shirt my sister had gotten me off ebay which says ‘Does my bump look big in this?’ It was really nice and i noticed people actually noticed more that im pregnant. (you can miss my bump if i wear baggy stuff lol) And so they would get up and give me a seat on the buses/metro! 😉

We made our way to Termini to have a look at another little bancarelle (market) i knew of so they could have a look around the area.

It was raining very lightly but some of the cobbled areas were a little slippery so i had to hold onto my sister’s arm just incase i slipped.

They bought a few trinkets and gifts for people and family back home before we decided to move on.

Next we jumped back on the Metro on the A line to get off at the ottaviano metro stop which was the stop closest to the Vatican and St Peters Square.

They had done the Vatican on their brief first visit to Roma last year and had no interest in doing it again. (i was so happy about this lol)

So we headed along the road towards St Peters Square. There were still alot of tourists even though it was a very grey and damp day but it was also still quite warm.                    944550_10151675909413594_2142287995_n

My Mum had intended to go into St Peter’s Church but the queue was huge and so she decided she would leave it and go in there instead on her next visit.

So instead we sat on the steps and took in the scenes around us and enjoy the atmopshere for a while as we ate our homemade sandwiches for a late lunch.

Mum wanted to check out some of the tourist shops so we spent about half an hour roaming the little souvenir shops. She ended up buying some beads and some ‘i love Roma’ bracelets she really liked.

Next we explored the bancarelle (market) next to the ottaviano metro stop for any more bargains they might see and also the little hippy shop which is there 🙂

Then we popped into Macdonalds for some milkshakes and a coffee. My Mum isnt big on the Italian coffee she likes it but thinks its to small and we found Macdonalds does a big coffee smiliar to UK coffee which she really liked.

By now i was getting tired again my feet and back were aching and i wanted to go home! So jumping back on the metro we headed back home where i had a well deserved nap.

That evening we decided to have Italian sausages for dinner as they really wanted to try them while they were here! So we bought some from the supermarket. prosciutto sausages and some others with fennel in and me and my Sister cooked the dinner togeather.

They really enjoyed them alot and said they tasted very different from UK sausages slightly spicy and more meaty.


Friday we woke up to grey sky and rain again! But luckily we had decided we wouldnt be going to the centre again (thank goodness) as they wanted to save some sights for their next visit.

So in the morning My Sister and Mum headed off to look at the small antiques market again which is near me while i stayed at home.

Apparently its only open on weekends which i didnt know as i dont go there very often so they came back quite quickly!

So they came home and i got ready before we went to the local church in my area. My Mum wanted to see the differences of an Italian church compared to an English church.

There where only a few people inside at that time and low choir music was being played in the background as we wandered inside. We sat for a while on the benches and listened for a while before each giving a small donation and lighting a little candle each.

Then we moved quietly around and looked at the statues of Mary, Joseph and Jesus that were on the walls as well as a painting of a Pope. Once outside again i explained the church did alot of activites for children, the community and group trips around Europe. I had only been there a few times perviously with Alex but always find it a very calming atmopshere in there.

My Mum really liked the church and was interested when we said we were thinking of having the baby christened in there if everything went well next year.

We then headed to the little high street 20 minutes walk from mine, it was a nice walk there with the weather changing every few minutes from sunny to slightly rainy.

My Sister still had a couple of gifts for friends to buy so we walked up and down going into little jewellery shops and clothes shops to see if she could find anything.

It wasnt a day full of sight seeing but we all still enjoyed ourselves and the sun did finally come out as the weather made its mind up eventually.

We had Italian veggie soup with bread for lunch which was yummy from the supermarket 🙂

We got home again and i had a nap while they went to explore the shops in my area again and get some more sun in the park as the next day they would be heading back to the UK!

That evening we had gnocchi in a bolognese sauce with cheese as my Mum wanted to try it! And im happy she really wanted to try alot of Italian foods even though they didnt have pizza again this trip!

Saturday morning we had a lay in as they weren’t leaving until the evening time but Mum and Rachel decided to go and see if the Antiques market was open which it was as its the weekend! lol (they are obsessed with that place!)

When they got back i made them tea while they finished packing there bags. It was sad to watch as this week seems to have gone quite quickly!

We decided to take them out to a little local place for lunch so they could have one last taste of Italian food 🙂 Its a place we sometimes go to on saturday and you get alot of food for not many euro’s.

So we treated them to a big lunch they had lasagna with some veggies and me and Alex had penne pasta with little tomatoes & courgette in yummy!

DSC00938            DSC00939

Then we went to the little park to have icecream and take some photos togeather in the sunshine as it was really hot. We sat in the sun for a while soaking it up then it was back home for a cup of tea before we weighed there cases.

At 3pm we headed for the car to drive to ghe Airport as they wanted to get to the airport 2 hours before there flight as required.

The airport as usual was a big mess and they only had four checkin gates open for the whole place!

ciampino airport is small but still quite busy so as i said it was a bit of a mess and the queue to get there big bag checked in was a bit of a mess.

It look over over 30 minutes for them to get the bag sorted out so we didnt have much time to say goodbye before they were going through security to find some water and food and there gate home.

I do miss them now they have gone but part of me is glad i can rest now as it was alot of effort showing them the centre when im 6 months pregnant. I would have never ventured into the centre alone right now and there was just to much walking for my tired legs!

Alex got a bit teary eyes waving them goodbye over the barrier even though its always messy having family visit with the loudness and keeping them happy he does still miss them when they go.

But i am happy they visited and i got to spend time with them this year as we aren’t going to the UK this year. There was mention of them coming over the end of the year for a few days when the baby is born which made me smile though 🙂

DSC00959                                            And we took some nice pics in the park of Me, Alex and bump 🙂

I did end up balling my eyes out about 2 hours after we got home from the airport because i already missed my Mum and i was over tired 😦 I think i feel it more being pregnant and almost a Mum myself.

Part of me wish we lived closer to them especially with the baby coming….

But we have already started sorting their visit out for when the baby is born which has made me feel a bit happier.           DSC00967


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