Bump pics so far! 17wks to 24wks :)

I thought it would be fun to do some bump picks! As in my bump through the weeks so far 🙂 So i started taking photos from week 17 (4 months) then move along to 6 months!

Yes my bump looks big and i have been a bit self conscious about it especially seeing other peoples bump picks and seeing if they were smaller or bigger than me! But i have read everyone is different! Every pregnancy is different to 🙂 You can hold more water or gain weight quicker from one to the next! Plus you should not compare youself to others! They could be younger, taller, slimmer etc than you!

So who cares!! Its a baby growing for goodness sake! 😀

So this was 17 weeks! with green bottoms on 🙂 (just over 4 months along)

17 weeks

17 wksNot much of a bump to start with! Remember i had stopped my running routine of 4 days a week which i usually did because the Doctor didnt want me bouncing to be on the safe side!

18 weeks! with pink bottoms on 🙂

18 weeks

18 wks

Still not much of a bump here either look like a little belly fat bump lol and yes i guess with no exercise and eating a few bad things here and there it is! 😛

19 weeks! with red bottoms 🙂

19 weeks

19 wks

Bump def developing here! Alex is always amazed how different it is each week or so and i like to look at these pics to see how much has changed!

20 weeks! with red top & bottoms on 🙂 (5 months along)

20 weeks


Def something happening here it doesnt look like a fat belly anymore with the slight slant at the top! And shes already kicking away so i know shes there full of energy!

21 weeks! with not so good pink top i tried on lol

21 weeks

21 wks

I really dont like this top in this pic and i dont know why i didnt change it i was in a hurry that day i guess lol. It is a maternity top though not some random top from my draw! Im in maternity stuff all the time now as its much more comfortable!! 😀

22 weeks! back in yellow top and def looks like a pregnancy bump now 😉

22weeks (1)

22weeks (2)

The bump has arrives! Yes it looks big for 5 & half months! no im not having twins 🙂 Doctor says my weight is fine for where i am! You have alot of water retention right now to as well as a baby the size of a little doll in my tummy 🙂

23 weeks!

DSC00909                      DSC00912

So as you can see my belly has popped some more this week! I couldnt believe it LOL but it seems to be getting bigger much quicker now than the previous weeks! As now shes starting to pack on fat and will grow much quicker than the previous weeks/months!

week 24 (6 months along woohoo!)

wek 24            wk24

Peanut is quite low down if you see through all the pics 🙂 They say girls are lower and boys are higher bump wise but im not sure if thats true or not lol

Shes kicking alot more everyday now and much harder like shes kickboxing in there! Hopefully it means she will be a good little runner and when shes bigger come running with her Mummy in the park togeather 😀

So these are the pics so far and i will probably do another post at some point with all the photos from 25 weeks until shes born as well.

Today im 24 weeks along (6 months) And peanut is the size of a cantaloupe melon!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rebecca
    May 19, 2013 @ 12:58:13

    hun you looking good.for 6months.and yes we are all difrend so do not look ad other to see how they look.i think ever pregnant women looks beautifull in their own way.and you now why there is a lithel baby growing in there.and thats the most amazing thing everrrrrrrr.so you just enjoy that growing bump no matter how big its getting.you see 6months already.3more to go.and they fly!!!!!!!!


  2. ciro1
    May 19, 2013 @ 13:58:46

    Thanks Becca 🙂 I know its going so quickly!!! Cant believe its roughly 3 more months until we meet her and it seems to be going by so fast! 🙂


  3. rebecca
    May 19, 2013 @ 17:09:47

    its funny that in the beginning you think pppfff stil so many moths and then before you know the fass so fast.in the end i was so happy that the end came…as i was so tired of all that extra weight but how i miss that belly….i would so love to have a other one….its stil mine dream to have a lithel boy!!!


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