Mega Prenatal Shop Roma

So someone we know started asking us about what things we have already for the baby and if we had made a list yet. After we told her we had a few bits she kinda went into overdrive telling us we should have everything ready for D Day and basically scarying the crap out of us.             97083053-290x385

I dont need someone else to tell me time is going quickly! I am fully aware how 3 months along has turned into over 7 month from Tomorrow and we only have 13-ish WEEKS LEFT TIL DUE DAY!!!!! eeeek!!!

So suddenly after this i became hormonal pregnant list woman and whirled around the flat making lists of everything we had been given!

I also Googled the essentials needed for a newborn baby at home and here are the things people suggested as you really need:

Baby Bed

Baby sheets

Push chair

Car seat


Baby wipes

Baby Milk

Baby oil

Baby Shampoo

Light baby blankets

Baby bouncer

Baby lotion

Baby powder

Baby thermometer

These were the suggestions and so far we dont have any of this stuff! Mainly because you can buy the basic lotions, creams, nappies anywhere and the larger stuff like bed etc we wanted to wait until i was 7 months along. And so this weekend we decided to bit the bullet and go have a look at baby beds, strollers, car seat etc!

We had a Google as we didnt want to go to just any Prenatal shop we wanted to try and find a big one and by luck we found a Mega Prenatal had opened this May on Via Tiburtina!

So this morning we jumped in the car and headed over for a look to see what deals, offers and things they had available. I have to say right off i was really impressed with the shop it was huge!


As soon as i entered i could see a section for baby food, nappies, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff! you name it they had it! A big section for baby clothes newborn and upwards and everything was sooooo cute!!

I honestly was almost in tears touching the little pink dresses, shoes etc and Alex had to hug me as i was so overwhelmed with being hit that Peanut would soon be here!

Alex also was very over emotional with all the baby stuff and went straight into finding the best stuff mode! lol

He even found a deal in the shop which looks awesome! They have 3 packages silver, gold and platinum each a bit more expensive than the other but really good deals!

We really liked the silver package where for 499 euros you got a car seat, stroller, newborn stroller, wooden baby bed, the little newborn material bed, plus all the bedding!!

This to be honest is a really good deal for first time parents! Its practically all you need for the first 2 years of your babies life!

Next Alex went to inspect the strollers, car seats etc they had on display (and there were alot) and more specifically the ones included in the deal we were looking at. The sales woman was really helpful showed us how to put them all up and down. Also how to reattach and dettach eachthing and then let us push the stroller about over a little course they had with wood, stone and gravel flooring!

It was Amazing what they had thought of in this shop! I even found a maternity section! And several areas where Mom’s could go breastfeed!

The deals are on going and so we will probably order the silver package a bit closer to August as theres no point having all the stuff until then. Plus they deliver to your house which is a big bonus and makes it easier.

Alex said we would come back again soon and buy some more bits after we make a list of what we already have LOL. I did point out i have already made lists of EVERYTHING we have already in a hormonal moment.

So it should be easy enough working out what clothes we still need and other extra little bits like light blankets etc which im quite excited and looking forwards to buying!

Shopping spree

We do have some baby stuff we havent completely just left it to the last minute  Some things given to us by a friend Becca and a suitcase full of baby stuff my Mum and Sister dragged to Roma from the UK. Plus a few baby clothes items as gifts from other friends! 🙂

 we have:

Baby Bath with stand

Maternity Pads thick and thin ( for me after D day)

Breast feeding pads (as you leak)

New Baby bowls & lids

New Baby bottles

Sterilizing tablets

Nappy Bags

Cotton pads

Burp cloth

Scratch mitts

New different sized teats for the bottles (for different months)

Plastic changing mat cover

Hooded baby towel

Baby sponge

Baby gel teethers

Nappy Rash cream

Plastic Baby bibs

Baby dummies

Changing mat

Baby monitor

Breast Pump

Strap on baby harness

So as you can see we do have stuff which we will need once Peanut is home along with baby onesies, socks, hats, baby blankets, baby sleeping bag, little outfits, etc and im sure we will be given more or buy more now we know where the big Prenatal is! 🙂



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ThermoMan
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 08:24:05

    Which baby thermometer did you opt for?


    • lilla
      Jul 02, 2013 @ 15:15:45

      Braun Thermoscan


      • ciro1
        Jul 02, 2013 @ 17:57:38

        ooh thanks Lilla 🙂

      • Gerald Robinson
        Jul 03, 2013 @ 11:38:46

        Yeah that’s a really popular choice, though it’s been stated that ear thermometers generally won’t fit the ear canal of the under 3-months (ear canal is too small). I’ve made a review post on the best baby thermometers here. You may find it useful to have a quick read. A rectal thermometer is the best bet for under 3-months. Good luck with the continued planning!

      • ciro1
        Jul 03, 2013 @ 14:17:52

        Thanks! I hadnt really thought about a thermometer this going to be our first child! But i will have a look at your link and then have a look in the shops! There’s so many things you suddenly find yourself thinking about or not even realising your going to need! 🙂

  2. ciro1
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 09:30:13

    we havent got one yet 🙂


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