First Prenatal class – talking about birth

Alex phoned the obstetrician this week to arrange the first Pre-natal class we would be taking part in. And so Yesterday we started our first Prenatal class at the Santa Famiglia Clinic at 7.30pm.    do-you-know-what-youre-having

They were really nice and flexible saying we could do the course on the weekends as Alex worked in the week 🙂 so this was a great thing for us!

I knew it was going to be interesting especially as earlier in the week Alex had told me we would learn how to ‘milk the baby’!

As you can imagine i found this hilarious and couldnt stop laughing at the weird image i had in my head. I asked him what he ment by his comment and he explained it was when i would give the baby milk!

Ohhh you mean Breast Feeding!? hahahhahaa you have to love a man’s understanding of things sometimes!

Anyway we turned up at Santa  Famiglia about 10 minutes early for the course and after finding the room it was being held in we sat down on some benches to talk.

We were both pretty nervous and not sure how the course was going to start or what we would be talking about first. Just thinking about it all and talking about it makes D Day loom even closer!

The obstetrician came to the room at 7.30pm and let us in 🙂 It was just her and us which was really nice and cosy and we got the chance to ask all the questions we wanted.

She explained that we would be talking about Birth this first session and everything to do with that. Apparently if my water breaks before 33 weeks then we have to go to one of the hospitals that have incubators. As they do not deal with babies that premature there, they dont have the facilities. (But they do have all the equipment to resuscitate a baby if needed).

If my water breaks from 33 weeks onwards then we can go to them at Santa Famiglia like we want to! 🙂

Alex explained that Peanut hasn’t turned yet and the Dr said we still had plenty of time and she might even turn at the last minute. She then went on to explain that if she didnt turn i would have to have a cesarean (c-section) which they could do there.

Alex would not be allowed in for this but she would be with me the whole time and wouldnt leave my side which was a relief. She explained i wouldnt feel a thing but i would be awake as they would use an epidurale and the whole thing would take 30 minutes and be over and done with. I would still have the after Birth bleeding like a normal post-labor but i would also have some stitches on my belly where Peanut would have come out.

It actually felt nice to have her explain everything in detail so i knew what would happen if i did end up having a C-section. All the little details like not being able to eat for 24 hours before, not feeling anything going on apart from a bit of pressure when the baby came out etc.


Next she went on to explain what would happen if Peanut turn’s and i have a natural Birth! Alex would be allowed in the room with me and we would be in a pre-room where i could stand, sit or squat or how ever i wanted to be while having the contractions. Alex would be there with me helping and holding me until the baby’s head appears then i would be taken into the room next door to give Birth 20/30 minutes later.

The baby would be placed on my tummy and they would wait for a while to sort out the umbilical cord as blood and nutrients would still be going to the baby. Once it was time Alex would cut the cord himself.

Alex looked a little emotional when told this and said if he hadnt passed out by then he would do it lol!

Next the Dr explained about nursing the baby as soon as she was born and that my milk wouldnt start for 24/48 hours after Birth but the baby would have to suckle straight away to stimulate the production of milk. So that was all very interesting! 😀

999892_468824056545972_580892729_nShe then told me if my water broke normally i would know it/realise as there would be alot of water! But if my water only broke partially it would only come out in drips so in that case i have to put on a pad and if the pad is completely soaked within 2 hours my water has broken. Then we would have to go to the hospital/clinic depending on the week i am on in either case.

Then we talked about the left over umbilical cord the baby would have and she told us we would clean it daily with alcohol which would help it dry up and then eventually full off. After this we would just keep cleaning it to make sure it didnt get infected and we couldnt bathe the baby for the first 7 days.

We told her about the dull pain i get when i walk around outside and she said it sounded like the ligaments attached to the uterus stretching on that side as my uterus grows. She said it will get worse and its just part of pregnancy.

It was alot to take in and after a while me and Alex ran out of questions to ask her!

So we talked about the next session which would be next sunday in the afternoon where we would talk about breathing techniques for the big day.

We thanked the Doctor for her time and the session then went outside to walk with our heads buzzing with all the information. We both felt happier with all the new information and glad she had told us everything in detail. We both agree its better to understand whats going to happen than have no information at all!

Also we are happy she is following us now until i give Birth as its nice to know who will be delivering your child and know the person who is taking care of you and bond a little with them 🙂

We stopped off to grab gelato on the way back to the car and popped in to see our friend to tell her how it went before heading home it was a pretty good day!!  🙂

So today Peanut is an Acorn Squash! not quite sure what that is lol i think its an American vegetable!

She’s getting a little cramped in there, since she’s growing so fast now and i know this from all those jabs and kicks im getting lately. Apparently Peanut is growing white fat deposits under her skin, and her energy is surging because of it. 🙂



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