Food Review – Ponte Vecchio restaurant

Last night we went out to dinner with a big group of friends to a really nice restaurant called Ponte Vecchio which is a Griglieria – Pizzeria – Enoteca – RistoPub. DSC01047

We already knew where it was as we had walked past it a few times in the past and always said that one day we would try it but never had. So we were really happy to have the chance to get in there and see what the place was like.

That atmopshere was really nice and open they had an inside area and an outside area and seemed to be very popular which is always a good sign in a restaurant here in Italy.

There was a huge choice on the menu including, pizza’s, fish, pasta! And everything sounded so good!

One of our friend’s is also pregnant and she sat beside me comparing what we could and couldnt eat which was kinda fun. It was nice to have someone to chat to about symptoms and the excitment of it all.

Anyway for my L’antipasto (starter) i decided on a crocchette di patate which was really good! (the starter menu choices was several pages long!)


Next i had a Il secondo which is a second course and which is mainly meat and fish based. I decided to skip the Il primo (first course) which mainly consists of soup, pasta, rice.

So my Il Secondo (2nd course) was bistecche di maiale which is a pork chop and it was massive!! I had asked for it ben cotta (well done) and it was perfect when it arrived and very delicious.



Also with this i had arrosticini which is little pieces of lamb on a stick which is one of my favorites! I only had 2 sticks though but really enjoyed them.

For my Il contorno (side dish) i had patate al forno which is roasted potatoes which were also very very nice.

Everyone enjoyed their food and i was interested to have a look at the fish pasta dishes a few people had ordered. The amount of food on the plates were huge! And everyone was very happy and satisfied with that 🙂

It was a very relaxed evening with everyone chatting away, lots of questions from the female friends about pregnancy. Also alot of people rubbing my belly wanting to feel Peanut kick.

But she would stop or kick very lightly when they did as if she sensed it was someone different from me and Alex which was sweet lol

The other pregnant friend is only 4 months along so shes only just starting to feel her little one kicking so she was really interested to find out how strongly it could get.

I didnt take any pics of other peoples food as i dont like doing that i think its kind of rude unless its Alex’s food of course lol

There was lots of wine going around and bottles of water and it was a really nice evening chatting away very comfortably.

I did decide to have an Il dolce (dessert) and chose the creme caramel but they had just ran out so settled with a panna cotta instead which was really good!


Others had the tiramisù which is my favorite dessert but which i can’t have while pregnant. (But im looking forwards to having it again after september lol)

Ponte Vecchio is a really nice place to eat and i dont think its to bad money wise especially for the amount of food you are given. Everything tasted perfect, the service was friendly and polite.

We did have to wait a while for some of our food orders but we were in a big group and the place was quite busy but we didnt mind.

I would recommend this place to anyone interested in trying a new restaurant here in Roma as we all really enjoyed it and our evening out there 🙂


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