Second Prenatal class – breathing techniques

Friday our things arrived from Prenatal! The baby stroller, carseat, newborn stroller and the Crib with mattress. It was really exciting to finally get them!

My Cat Ciro went crazy over the boxes and kept trying to open them but after about 20 minutes he realised they just wouldnt open and gave up which was kinda funny. As i wanted to wait until that evening to open them and enjoy the things with Alex.

The boxes were huge! one long one for the crib which will go in the shoe cupboard until we decide to use it.

It also came with a mattress wrapped in plastic so we will keep all these togeather until the time comes when Peanut is big enough for them 🙂

Another huge box containing the carseat and stroller/newborn stroller combo! We decided to take them out of the box so they took up less room and also keep them in the shoe cupboard until needed. Although the carseat can be kept in the boot of the car so wont take room up in the house.

Saturday we went to meet another Expat Mum who was super nice! She was full of helpful advice which is always good to know and helps prepare you for whats to come. It was really good to talk again with a mother of 2 so she had been through it twice!

We bought her second hand baby swing off her which looks brand new and i love it! It has several swinging speeds, plays 10 different pieces of classical music and can be run on batteries or by plug in the wall.

Its going to be wonderful to use when Peanut arrives i can’t wait even Alex loved it and cant wait to get using it!

She also gave us a bottle sterilizer  (sterilize everything in 4 minutes) with bottles, all we need to do is buy some new nipples for them 🙂 And a musical toy and a mobile for the crib with different little animals on which is so cute!

I still can’t believe how lovely all the expat Mothers i have spoken to have been! And some of them offering us 2nd hand stuff which really does make a big difference when your trying to save money for when a baby arrives! Even all the advice we have been receiving is helpful, useful and direct 🙂


The second Prenatal class was held today (saturday) at 2.30pm again at Santa Famiglia clinic.

As i said before its so nice to have it just us and the Obstetrician! We get all our questions answered, can take our time and go over things more than once.

Today we were Learning about breathing techniques for the big day. She started off explaining that when the contractions start the uterus will tighten and its very important to breathe while there happening.

The baby recieves all its blood, oxygen and food through the placenta so its very important to make sure theres enough oxygen going to the baby when the contractions happen.

I have to breathe in as deep as i can using my diaphragm slowly and then release slowly, this has to be done continously like a wave in a relaxed way.

We did practise this with me laying down while the Dr had her hand on my chest and belly to make sure my belly filled up with air while i was doing this breathing then going down again.

Its not actually as easy as it sounds because you dont breathe this way naturally so when you start your very focused on filling yourself with air. So i kept breathing in holding it them releasing it which is wrong as i end up tensing which isnt good when your having a contraction.

So i have to practise this breathing twice a day now until D Day and try and relax and keeping it going like a wave, breathing in and out very deeply but very very slowly.

Apparently this breathing technique helps the contractions and stops you fighting against them because apparently if you tense and pant you just prelong them so 10 contractions can turn into 20 contractions instead. So when this all happens you have to stay focused on the breathing through the entire labor as this can shorten the whole event 🙂

The Dr then explained that when the contractions come you have to let them go and dont fight them, also my back has to be straight weather im laying down sitting or with my back against the wall.

This is very important and again will help and has to be done correctly! She stood behind me and showed Alex how if a contraction comes i could lean back against him breathe through it with his help. If a contraction happens you have to stand still and not move through it.

So we practised that for a while which was fun. She said a contraction feels like cramp going from the bottom of my bump then all the way upwards. I told her as i dont know what a contraction feels like yet it might take me a few minutes to get into the breathing when it happens.

Then we asked some questions of our own. Alex asked if i would need the breathing if i had to have a C-section and she said no.

He also mentioned that this morning i woke up with really itchy hands! seriously i could not stop scratching them and in the end had to run them under cold water. This helped a little but i decided to have a Google and see if this was a normal pregnancy symptom.


Apparently it can be a normal symptom and alot of women can get it in the third trimester due to an increase in estrogen. But its always best to mention these things to your Gyno/Doctor as it can be a symptom to something more serious and you always need to have these things checked out.

She said i would have to have a blood test to check my kidneys to check on the bile level just incase. If it was high i would have to stay at the hospital for a few days while they sorted it out.

If it was managable then i should have some pills for home. But she agreed it was better to just check to make sure this wasn’t the problem and it could just well be to do with the circulation and swelling which is normal.

We then asked about bringing the newborn baby outside and she said we could take Peanut out straight away especially as we would have check-ups etc.

She also said we would need a baby towel and blanket for D Day at the clinic to bring with us. And that a new floor was opening there on the 2nd of August with brand new rooms!

Each room would have 2 beds & a bathroom, there would be the baby beds, a place to change the nappies and a place to bath the babies! And each room was Painted in a different bright colour and thats where i would be staying! 😀

She told me i had nothing to be worried or scared about she would be there the whole time and i should just focus on my breathing and from moment to moment.

She’s such a nice Obstetrician and again really put our minds at rest about alot of things.

We arranged for the 3rd meeting next weekend which i think will be about Breastfeeding and then we thanked her and left. 🙂

Again our minds were a buzz with all the new information and we chatted about it as we went to get an icecream and head back to the car.

We have both been feeling a bit anxious and scared this week as the weeks seem to be Flying by now and having this class Always seems to relax us!


My Cat Ciro has been even more clingy the last 2 weeks! He constantly wants my attention which is not normal for him! He also looks at my belly alot. He doesnt seem to want food or to play when he cries he just wants me to lay beside him and stroke him while he purrs and rubs himself against me and my belly.

He’s not a hugely huggy cat either as i have mentioned in previous posts but lately he wants me to pick him up and just hold him for 1o minutes or more while he purrs. If i try to put him down he complains! Its like suddenly having a furry toddler in the house.

Im not sure if hes feeling insecure or if he’s sensing the baby in my belly more. Even Alex has commented on his clingyness and we both keep trying to reassure him.


I cant see my feet anymore to as you can see from the photo!!

Everyone said it would happen and i have finally noticed it has! lol Its really weird not being able to see them anymore. I thought it would be weird to have a big belly but i actually love it! 🙂 I know Peanut is in there growing and Alex loves my baby belly so much!

Peanut is 30 weeks along so a cucumber today lol and should be 15.2- to 16.7-inch, 2.5- to 3.8-pound as she continues to grow. Her skin is smoother & shes now strong enough to grip a finger! 🙂



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Jun 30, 2013 @ 21:09:11

    Love reading about your experiences. It takes me back many years to when my wife and I were expecting our first baby. Is it an Italian/British custom that the expecting parents buy all of the items you and your husband are buying, the reason that I ask is that in the USA the family and friends of the couple have a baby shower or showers and give many of the items you have mentioned to the couple. Just love your cheerful attitude!!!


  2. ciro1
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 09:30:23

    Thankyou for your lovely comment! im glad you like my blog 🙂 We do baby showers in the UK to and in Italian families the Grandparents tend to help out with baby stuff alot. But my husband’s parents aren’t with us anymore 😦 But my parents in the UK have been sending us a few things and will bring some stuff in Sept when Peanut is born to 🙂 So i try to make the best of what i can find like 2nd hand baby clothes on the markets or hand me downs from other expats 🙂


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