Fun apps for Pregnancy

I have been without power on and off (mostly off) for the last two days as they changed the power box in my Street which was kind of annoying! You dont realise how dependant you are on electricity until you are without it!

Luckily i had my trusty Ipad with me so at least i could read some PDF books and watch a few movies i had on there so it wasnt all bad and i made the most of the situation. 🙂

Anyway so I found some good and nice free apps during my pregnancy journey which i thought i would share on this blog post.

Its always nice to find little apps like these even if there fun ones or ones that can come in really handy! So i hope others check them out and maybe find a few useful to. 🙂


Wee mail: So just recently i found a cute app which i wish i had found earlier its called ‘Wee mail’ its a little avatar of your unborn baby which likes to send you funny messages every day 🙂 You can add due date so it counts down the days, plus the sex & name of your baby.     Wee-Mail_iphone_girl3

Pregnancy Week: This app gives a week to week description of whats going on with your growing unborn baby 🙂

My 9 Months: Which is a guide to a healthy pregnancy with tips of planning your pregnancy, eating healthy, getting ready for labor, breastfeeding and other little bits.

Kick Counter: This is good from the 28th week when you want to just keep an eye on your baby’s movements. Basically the baby should kick at least 10 times in 2 hours which is normal. This app lets you record the movements so you dont lose count.

WomanLog pregnancy: With this app you can track your weight, waistline, mood, Dr’s appointments, Symptoms. It also gives a week by week detail of your growing baby.

Cradlesong Lite: is a small collection of soothing music you can either play to you unborn with head phones or once there born.

White Noise HD: Is a collection of sounds that make White noise like the waves on a beach, floor fan, campfire etc. White Noise is what the baby mostly hears in the womb so this can help put them to sleep once there born.


So these are the apps i have found and tested/using/listening to and finding them all very useful or know they will be useful in the future to.

Another Expat also mentioned to me ‘Baby Tv’ on Sky  (channel 624 here in Italy).

Basically its a Baby channel all for babies & been designed specifically for them!

It has soothing music, very short silly cartoons, swirling colours etc.

Everything that a baby would find interesting as its eyesight grows stronger over the months. Even the Music and sounds would probably be entertaining for a 3 month old 🙂

You can adjust the Language and have it in either English or Italian although there are not many words in it. (We would have it in Italian)

Sometimes they might count, or say the name of a colour or animal on the screen. Small things a baby can pick up as it grows.

I don’t intend to plant Peanut infront of the TV 24/7 to me thats just wrong. Yes its good to have the Learning stimulation of something like that but not full time.

Maybe for 1 hour a day would be enough but i wouldnt want it to substitute play time with us as through play she would learn to. Also getting outside for some air and exercise!

Alot of my childhood was spent outside in the garden or playing with friends and i would love the same thing for Peanut when she arrives. 🙂



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