Planning Runs/Exercise for After Birth

All i can think about right now is pregnancy is way to long LOL!  75-Exercise-More

People tell you to enjoy your pregnancy etc but it gets to the stage where you just want the baby here and your body back! (especially after almost 8 months).

Dont get me wrong i love my bump and pregnant figure because i know its all for Peanut & im happy with my pregnant body shape 🙂 and i love feeling her wiggle and kick!

But i have started looking towards the future and trying to plan when i can get back to my running, weights anda few races which i miss alot.

I had a dilemma as this being my first full pregnancy i dont have a clue how long you have to wait after the baby is born to get back to fitness activities! And so i tweeted on twitter to the running community im part of there curious to know the answer.

I know a twitter Mum who’s pregnant to and shes still jogging! which im really impressed with (shes about 4/5 months behind me in pregnancy). I wish i could have kept it up to but as i have said before my Doctor said no to this. And so i have been good and not run.

Anyway i did get some nice feedback and was told by some running twitter Mum’s they started running again after their 6 weeks checkup! And that was after a natural Birth. So im guessing recovery time after a C-section would take longer (apparently its 12 weeks) so really its down to Peanut how she wants to arrive!

Although theres no guarantee im going to feel like running even after i get the all ok! Some people it just takes alot longer to recover and get there mojo back! So i will take it slow and see how i feel after the all OK when it comes.

So with this rough guide i can roughly plan what i want to do after the Birth now in september 🙂

If all goes well and im feeling ok i will probably start with some weights workouts at home to get some muscle tone back and build up some fitness. This is if Peanut lets me have some time and im not to tired! As i don’t have a clue what its going to be like with a newborn in the house and its no good trying to guess about it as apparently each baby is different.

Then if i get the all clear at 6 weeks check-up i intend to start running if possible 3 times a week short distances. ( I know i know maybe its to much but at least its a starting point).

I would love to do a novice running plan again to build myself up slowly with my running. Either for 5k or 10k as i havent been running since January and it will probably be a shock for my body.

But a friend of mine pointed out i shouldnt make huge unrealistic goals because it depends on my body and baby! So i guess even aiming to just go running 3 times a week any short distance will be a big achievement after the Birth.


I would love to do the WeRunRome 10k race on the 31st December 2013 this year but i guess i will have to see how im feeling. And gage my level of fitness which will probably suck so i might have to give it a miss this year 😦

If not then i can start a plan for races for next year (2014) and work towards them i guess and just try short distance ones likes 5kms.

As like before i will research and find the right training for the races i want to do and train properly. Not pick some random race somewhere and not train for it properly as that leads to injury.

Im very lucky as Alex has said he will watch Peanut in the evenings when she arrives if i want to go running as he knows how important my running is to me! 🙂 And he knows i will be happy getting back in shape again. So that is a bonus and might make running 3 days a week again easier.

I dont really do many races and they tend to be local to where i am or  where i am visiting so i should be able to fit them in if Alex watches Peanut on race days if im fit enough to run them 🙂

Also before the running i can get back into lots of slow walking in the Park with Peanut as i have read you can take a newborn out almost immediately! Only for about an hour so they get some air but even this short time is still good for fitness.

There’s also a get back in shape workout on my pre-natal workout DVD so that will probably be very useful to!    945060_10151519600817636_64688881_n

Another thing is i can go back to my salads which i havent been allowed to eat while pregnant! So as my eating habits return to its more normal healthy ways i should lose some of the baby weight that way to. And i can do that as soon as the baby is born in september 😉

Im glad i can begin making a rough plan as i hate having everything up in the air and not know when i can get back to these things. Although i know it might not turn out the way i plan and i need to listen to my body and Doctor.

I also know my time will be limited with the needs of a new baby and i except that as a parent 🙂 But i also know that if im not to exhausted and baby is sleeping i should be able to fit in a 30 minute workout in the day some how!

But theres also MammaFit here in Roma for when Peanut gets a bit bigger i can always attend those classes! 😉

I was pretty fit before and im more than confident i will get back to my fitness level i had before getting pregnant. Its all just part of the journey! And the achievement of getting back into shape will be more rewarding then before when i just lost weight.

But this is all in the future and i really not sure what to expect but hey having some kinda plan is better than nothing! 😀


So tomorrow we are 31 weeks and Peanut is the size of a Pineapple from head to rump 🙂

She’s roughly about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long and weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds this month. Peanut is going through major brain and nerve development now. Eye development, too, her irises now react to light! and all five of his senses are in working order.



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