Third Prenatal class – Breast Feeding

We skipped the Prenatal class last weekend as our obstetrician was busy delivering babies!

So we had to move the class to the following week. So Yesterday (friday) at 8pm we went to meet up with her and have a chat about Breastfeeding. meme

We did get there a bit early so had a cheeky gelato before going in which was really nice as it was quite a hot evening.

She started of explaining that the baby once born has to start suckling straight away as this stimualtes the breasts so the milk will kick in 24/48 hours after birth. Before the milk comes theres another substance which is clear which the baby will drink until then.

Its very important for the baby to suckle as much as possible to stimulate the milk flow because when the placenta de-taches at birth it leaves open veins which are part of the heavy bleeding after birth.

But once the brain recognizes the baby is out and suckling then this helps to stop that flow of blood right down as the uterus contracts.

I asked about the baby feeding and latching on properly and explained i had read this can hurt if the baby doesnt suckle properly.

She explained that the baby must take the nipple and alot of the areole deep into its mouth. As if it suckles like this it helps stimulates the milk flow better.  If it just takes the nipple part then the milk doesnt come easily and will cause you pain.

So the baby has to be laying on its side facing your breast this is the best position for it to feed apparently and she asked if we had a breastfeeding pillow which we do which will help alot she said.


She then said that the baby should feed from one breast at one feeding each time as the first thing to come out when you feed them is a sugar like milk which is easy to digest.

This happens for about 10 mins before the fat milk kicks in which makes the baby feel fuller so you have to stick to the same breast.

If you dont then the baby will be ready to feed again much quicker because it didnt get the fat milk.

And if your doing it right with the baby on the breast properly then they can feed for 20minutes taking alot of milk then be content for 3-5 hours before wanting another feed. If they havent taken enough or only got the sugar milk then you will be feeding every 2 hours.

She said its important to only feed the baby when it wants to be fed and it will cry to let you know when that time is. You dont have to set your watch for every 2 hours.

And also to try and avoid using a dummy/pacifier as much as possible as the baby must associate the nipple as feeding and using one of these can make it lazy to feed.

Apparently depending on how tired i am will effect the flow and production of milk. I will know when one breast will be full of milk and ready for feeding as it will be hard and fuller.

Alex then asked about bottle feeding and she told him you have to use different grams each day and she would write them down for us closer to the D Day time. Also the powdered milk is better as if you buy the ready made milk it only lasts 12 hours!

With the powdered milk you add water first then the powder afterwards before mixing it up then heating it up slightly and always check it on your wrist to make sure its not to hot. All information we need to know incase i can’t breastfeed for some reason or it stops early.

The obstetrician said my bump looks good for the stage i am at as Alex asked if it was to big lol.

The next class will be in August as she wants to see us after the last scan & big blood test results on 1st of August! 🙂

Then after that i will be monitored from the 12th August to make sure me and Peanut are ok and to see if she needs to come early or not.

She said to have the hospital bag ready from this time and always bring it with me incase they need to induce me for any reason or if Peanut just decided to make an early appearance lol

As we left the clinic Alex said he felt alot more confident about breastfeeding now lol and to be honest so do i! It also helps that they will show me while in staying there how to breastfeed her when she comes to 😀


Peanut is wiggling and squirming alot more the last 2 weeks as i guess shes running out of space she also feels quite low. But babies can change position easily so it might not stay that way.


I have been eating lots of good fats since hitting the 3rd trimester which include eggs, salmone, fish, walnuts.

All which were suggested in my pregnacy book to help with brain development which is really important at this stage 🙂

Also calcium for her bones and lots of protein! But less carbs as shes gaining fat on her body now and we dont need her to be to chunky when she comes out.

Although alot of the newborn baby fat is lost in the first few days after Birth while you wait for the breastfeeding milk to kick in 24/48 hours afterwards.


So this is my belly so far! Kinda wondering how much bigger it will get as apparently now its going to grow more which is completely normal!

Today Peanut is the size of a squash

Still growing, Peanut roughly weighs in at about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches. She’s hopefully getting ready for her descent and i hope she’s in the head-down position now. She’s also probably feeling alot more cramped in there now to.



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  1. Todd
    Sep 03, 2015 @ 20:36:00

    I LOVE the pic at the top of this page best of all.That mom-to-be has a really nice pregnant belly,but I can’t quite figure out what those four things hanging down are.However,on the other hand,I’m quite positive as to the identification of that thing located just below the four unknown objects.That would be an outie bellybutton which I for one find OH SO APPEALING and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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