Bump pics! from 25 weeks to 33 weeks

So here are the next set of bump pics as you know i take a pic weekly & a few people have been asking to see bump progress 🙂 these are from 25 weeks along to 33 weeks pregnant.

So this is 25 weeks along below and we went to see the obstetrician for the first time as i blogged previously about.


week 25

As you can see Bump is already looking bigger from my previous bump pics from weeks 17 to 24!

Next is week 26 along below 🙂 Peanut is kicking alot stronger and i had gone completely off tomatoes! Bump is still very rounded here.

week26 wk26

Week 27 below and we are finally in the 3rd Trimester! woohoo!! Been feeling a bit over whelmed, anxious but happy about it all as it all seems to be going so fast! Bump is much more pointy now as you can see 🙂



Week 28 below and Peanut is very very active shes much bigger now and i can feel her alot of the time kicking and moving. She’s also started to poke me which feels very different than the little kicks! We are also trying to cope with the summer heat now 30c-34c and rising.

28 weeks  28 wks

Week 29 below and we have started our first pre-natal class at the birthing clinic which is really interesting! 🙂 Also we have alot of baby stuff now ready for Peanut’s arrival in September so we are ready just incase she decides to come early 🙂

29 wks

29 weeks

Next is 30 weeks below! Im feeling really heavy now and slow when i move around and i can feel shes bigger from all her wiggling around lately!

wk30  week30

31 Weeks along below and my hormones are surging like crazy making me very weepy/over emotional lately also i have very sensitve skin now from the increased blood flow. As you can see im starting to let my belly out in the pics as sometimes with the tops on you cant really see the progress very well 🙂



32 weeks belly still growing and still no stretch marks yippie!! Hoping thats help from the Almond oil i use every morning and good genetics as my Mum never got any stretch marks from having 4 kids!

week 32            wk 32

33 weeks along pics below and Peanut feels really big now as i know shes growing fast. Sometimes she moves and my whole belly will move from one side to the other! And it can be weird to watch like a big fish skimming the top of the water or seeing what looks like a head suddenly stick right out. So sometimes i get to see a back, head or bottom, it can also hurt if she kicks to hard!

week 33

wk 33

So the next set of pics will be from 34 weeks to when Peanut is born!! Exciting! 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Scribbler
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 11:11:26

    You must be getting really excited! Thanks for posting the pictures. My sister is due in about 3 weeks’ time and it gives me an idea of what she’s talking about when she says she feels full of baby! It’s been nice to follow your progress as it gives me sensible questions to ask my sister when I speak to her on the phone. It’s nice to hear you are getting on so well, despite the heat.


  2. ciro1
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 12:47:54

    I am! although its kinda dragging now lol i keep wondering if she will come early or on time! Im glad what im writing helps you ask your sister questions 🙂 its funny reading back to january now as i really cant remember how i felt back then . Im just glad the heat hasn’t been so bad up until now| 🙂


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