Comic book shop Fumetteria Dott.Comic & Miss Manga Review

Yes this is a geek alert and my geekiness is showing lol!    tumblr_mge099Eu9F1r737zxo1_500

I am a bit of a geek when it comes to video games mainly RPG’s (Role playing games) where you play online with other players around the world being hobbits, orcs, super heros, starwars characters etc etc.

And believe me i have been many different characters in many many different games through the years! Heck i even met Alex my Italian Husband online in one of these games!

We both have a love for them and it was love at first group up and level togeather 🙂 lol

And things havent changed much since back then we still love to play online a range of different games! We even have one evening a week where we go to a friend’s house and do a table top roll playing game with pen & paper!

Which is alot of fun when you get to spend the time with good friends who all enjoy the same thing you do and sometimes the story/game can really catch your imagination!

Its nice to have something you can share & have a passion for with you partner/Husband no matter what it is 🙂 Which tend to make it easier to do things togeather and spend alot of time with eachother even online.

Even though with Peanut on the way we haven’t been doing much gaming lately but spending quality time togeather in other ways talking, preparing baby stuff, watching tv series togeather.

So anyway things like this interest me alot! Even back when i was a school girl i collected comic books like Spiderman, Sons of the midnight sun, Ghostrider once a week as they fancinated me!

So it was no wonder i would fall in love with an Italian geek! Who also has a love for online video games, comics and table top roll playing games! 😀

So when we discovered a comic bookshop had opened in our area in Roma we were very excited and wanted to get in there and paw……i mean look at all the comics, manga and graphic novels they had!

And so we ventured out to have a look at Fumetteria Dott.Comic & Miss Manga!

Its a really nice shop not huge but with a large selection of different titles! Spiderman, Thor, Wolverine, Batgirl just to name a few! Modern and fantasy!

Theres also alot of Manga books and comics if you are into those and of course graphic novels!


I must admit i do love graphic novels alot 😛  and did spend some time looking at them all in Italian of course at its an Italian comic book shop!

I also liked they way they had alot of t-shirts you could buy, models of some of the characters and other little bits like keyrings all of them super heros etc

They were also having a sale as its sale season and soon Alex was engrossed in all the titles that interested him! I even found a few that i knew he liked!

We decided to leave it until saturday to go back and have a proper look and buy some of the ones which really interest us 😛


This is their website  and they also have a nice facebook page as well 😉

I like to encourage Alex’s passion for these books and the role playing books we both find them interesting and it also makes him happy and sparks his imagination when he gets a new one.

I even get him them for his birthday and Christmas and we have many bookshelves over flowing with them which i dont mind at all as its nice to have a wide variety for when we play with friends! 🙂

And we both know our little Peanut will end up being a geek just like her parents one day! Especially surrounded by our geekiness lol





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