Scan for 34/35 weeks along

Thursday morning was the scan for 34/35 weeks to make sure everything was ok and see what position Peanut was in.  16548_487397478002259_814516117_n

I was kinda excited but not so anxious as i always have been when having a scan as she was kicking merrily away the whole of the 20 minute car journey to the place lol

We were the first appointment for the scan Doctors and was told the place would be shut from friday until begining of September as they were going on Holiday. This didnt bother us much as we both knew after this we would be doing everything at Santa Famiglia clinic instead 🙂

Soon i was laying back on the table and we were seeing images of our little Peanut again! 🙂 And yes finally shes head down in the right position for a natural Birth! woohoo!!

The Doctor said she still might move but at least we know now she knows how to be in the right position and the reason im feeling alot of hard kicks is because shes using her legs up top!

He did say she was slightly under weight this time only being 1.8kgs but she still had 6 weeks until D Day to pack on the pounds! 🙂 Apparently shes very long and slim as well so takes after Alex as he was the same when a baby.

last scan we had before she was slightly over weight which was about 6 weeks ago and the Gyno told me to cut back on carbs and eat more protein. The scan Doctor said now though even if i eat more it doesnt mean the baby will get more of the food sometimes eating more is bad so i will just continue as i have.

I honestly havent been going crazy food wise i have been eating healthly as i can with lots of veggies, fruit, protein and yes carbs because i have craved them. I havent gone junk food crazy and only recently started having a gelato (icecream) once a week. Even chocolate i havent been crazy with.

I did have a few weird baby images in my head when he said this and started to get worried but he said its nothing to worry about shes healthly and just long limbed. So might be tall as she grows up! (Maybe to be a runner like her Mummy even though im a short ass lol!!)

It was amazing to see her chubby little cheeks, her closed eyes, little eyelashes and little clenched hands as she slept! so cute!

Alex wished he could hold her right there and then and i even felt a little let down that we still had another 5-6 weeks before we could hold her and welcome her into the big wide world.

But the longer she stays inside the bigger she will get! The Doctor said even if she comes and is only 2kgs thats still good and there was nothing to worry about shes healthy and growing.

Next it was time to see the Gyno next door and only in Italy would you get greeted with a hug and cheek kisses by your Doctor!! cankles

Again i have to say i love my Gyno shes so nice, friendly and helpful! She’s very motherly, Always chatty and makes you feel like a good friend rather than just a random patient 🙂 She’s been on this journey with us for almost 2 years now and im going to miss her when its over!

She had a look at some little white spots i have been getting on my face and chest and said they were from the increase in hormones and not to worry at all.

Then She and Alex had a long chat about August in Roma and other little things 🙂 and then discussed nurseries in our area if we wanted to do that etc.

She had a look at the scan results and wasn’t worried either saying Peanut still has time to put on some pounds and if shes small then the Birth would be easier for me lol

I dont have to take the blood thinning tablets anymore which i have been taking since day 1 of the pregnancy woohoo! And she gave us a long list of the last blood tests/tests we will need to get done asap as these we will have to take to the Birth clinic for D Day!

She also wants me to continue with the Mamma-vit tablets even after Peanut is born as these have iron, vitamins etc in them which will continue to be good for me 🙂

My feet are swollen but apparently not as bad as some women get when pregnant (no cankles lol) she was also happy with my ankles saying they looked normal not swollen etc. Im putting this down to my years of running and strong legs because of this 😉

She did a check and everything is closed etc down there so she said now its just a matter of waiting to see when Peanut wants to come out 🙂 She really wants us to come visit in September after shes born so she can see Peanut which i will be very happy to do! 😀

Leaving the Gyno/Doctor’s i felt knackered i Always find it exhausting as i seem to always have hidden tention and be worried about the appointments. I guess its normal to always be slightly worried about these things.


My feet have been more swollen in the 34/36c heat this last week there not painful they just look like big hobbit feet!

They did threaten us with a temp of 40c this last week here in Roma but it didnt happen and now say it will be this next week instead! But it looks like it will only last a week then drop back down to low 30’s! woohoo!! 😉

I have also been short of breath alot where Peanut is crowding my lungs & diaphragm with her feet. So hopefully she will calm down a little in the next few weeks and give me some relief! 🙂

Im so tired as i haven’t been sleeping very well at all in this heat. I just wake up a sweaty mess and Peanut is very very active as well lately. I think also im getting more anxious and excited about D Day which isnt helping with sleep either!

So i might get a few hours sleep before its up to pee, then lay there wide awake, then pee again another one hour of sleep then soon its time to get up! Even napping in the day is being affected and i just feel exhausted all the time now.

Peanut seems to enjoying kicking & moving like crazy at bed time then again in the mornings waking me up. She has done a couple of mexican waves a few times which is funny to watch. Suddenly theres a sticking out little bump which skims the surface from one side of my belly to the other which is probably a little foot! 😀

So its 5-6 weeks until D Day! unless she decides to come early lol I keep thinking its dragging but actually its not long to go at all!



So today we are 35 weeks along and Peanut will be the size of a coconut!

She’s roughly about 17.2 to 18.7 inches long.

From here on out, she won’t get much longer, but she’s plumping up. She should be putting on a pound or more of baby fat before Birth now hopefully.

Now, her hearing is fully developed, and she responds best to high-pitched noises.



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