Hormonal Husband during pregnancy!

I have read that men can change during pregnancy to becoming hormonal just like their pregnant partner. I wasn’t sure if i believed this or not at first but i have seen the changes for myself! Alex has changed emotionally and mentally during the last 35 weeks just like i have!

Fatherhood-and-Xbox-controller-everybody-winsEven other ladies on the pregnancy forum i go on have commented on the behaviour of their partners! Like some have food cravings, moodiness, being over emotional to.

Ok well…..when i say like i have Alex doesnt burst into tears in the middle of the supermarket because he cannot decide what cereal to buy or get grumpy over food cravings!

He’s become more anxious, excited and ok yes sometimes hormonally grumpy just like me and he did have food cravings at one stage to lol

Apparently men have different hormonal changes to when they learn they are going to become a father that can effect them differently. First its the fight or flight instinct that kicks in for about 6 weeks. So they go through a stage of panic and tend to pay a bit more attention to whats going on.

Their lives are going to change in a big way to not just ours and sometimes as women we forget that as we are the ones who have to endure the pregnancy and all the symptoms that go along with it.

People tend to joke that a man’s job is done in that department and can sit back and wait for the baby to pop out.

But thats not completely true if your partner/husband is running round looking after you! helping you get hold of food cravings, seeing to your comfort and accompanying you to doctors appointments.

Its an emotional time for them to their going to be a father and suddenly feel like they can’t do anything to help much with the process of growing the baby with you. This is what i have found with Alex anyway.

He’s felt helpless alot of the time and not felt like he can do much which to me isnt true! He’s been there for every appointment, every blood test, every scan, making sure i have everything i need. Worrying with me over each new symptom and constantly texting the Gyno to make sure these are normal (yes we have both been very paranoid him more than me).

Buying maternity stuff with me and all the baby things we will need for when Peanut arrives! He’s been there for support when i have been hormonal or just needed a hug.

But sometimes its hard to get him to see that he has been helping and in a big way! Which is why i have found it very important to communicate with him about this alot and give praise where i can.


I can understand his fear and helplessness as its hard for men to bond with an unborn child…they see the baby movement and even feel it sometimes but its not the same as feeling the baby moving and growing inside you constantly like a woman does.

I dont think its 100% real for a man until their holding the small pink wrinkly person in there arms for the first time and that has to be very overwheming for them! Wham your suddenly a Daddy!!

Which is why its a good idea to get them invovled before D Day! Do prenatal classes togeather and get him to read books on newborns etc.

Alex took at interest in all of this from about 5 months along 🙂 as he knows he wants to be prepared for when Peanut makes her big appearance and be ready to help out! He’s constantly been googling, getting advice from friends with kids and reading up on the subject like a pro!

Which to a man can be a big deal! This is his time to show he can be useful and help take care of the baby which up until this point he feels like hes not been able to do!

So even though i am going to breastfeed i intend to encourage him to help out in other ways like nappy changing, bathing, clothes changing, playing, rocking! Things all very important and special moments for a new dad not just a Mom! And from having long chats about it i know hes very keen to do all of this and looking forwards to it!

I think you can probably tell i have been reading up and googling about this subject alot which i have! 🙂 I really want to make sure Alex is included in everything where Peanut is concerned as i know he loves her as much as i do and shes not even here yet!

Also it will be important to have ‘us’ time when we can like when Peanut is sleeping, even if its only for 30 minutes just to snuggle and talk or watch something togeather. I know things will change in a big way when Peanut is born they have already started to but we still need togeather time. 🙂

New Dad’s i have read can feel left out and miss their partner/wife who’s attention is completely taken up by the new baby which is another good reason to get them involved in everything. And also let Daddy have some quality baby time togeather to get them bonding!

Now we only have some weeks until D Day Alex has gone full swing into feeling useful in preparing stuff for Peanut’s arrive and hes very excited!

This last weekend he decided it was time to buy some newborn baby nappies, bottle nipples for our bottles, wet wipes and other little bits just incase Peanut decides to come early. It made me smile to see him so excited over these little things and sorting out what would be best for us, i love to see this 🙂

Alex also decided it was time to put togeather the baby stroller/bed and car seat we had delievered from Prenatal some while ago. It has all been sitting in a huge box in the bedroom waiting to be built.            bed

Getting the instructions out he took a few minutes to look at the picture instructions and then started getting all the bits out! He kept saying it was a man’s job to get this done so i just sat on the bed and watched with amusement.

It was like a giant lego set in a way so i thought it would be easy to put togeather but boy was i wrong! We have the Chicco trio enjoy fun set and the instruction booklet isnt very clear.

I did offer to help with the booklet a few times but Alex kept insisting he was fine (kinda like a man with a map & no clue where he’s going but just wont admit it lol) so i tried to give some helpful tips.

I must admit there was a little bit of swearing in Italian from him while it was being built which was very funny and there are some things we are not to sure…well where they clip on to lol.

But at least the baby bed side of it is up and running and ready for Peanut woohoo!! 🙂

Alex said he didnt like who ever designed the thing as it was a nightmare and he’s really good a putting things togeather normally and working things out. He was though really happy we had managed to get it togeather with no bloodshed 😛

He’s just as nervous and excited about the approaching D Day as i am now! Getting a little over emotional when he thinks about finally being able to hold his daughter. And worrying about what i have to go through during labor bless his heart! But i think we will be both very happy once D Day is over and we will finally be in 3 😀

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