How im feeling at 9 Months along!

Here we are at the begining of 9 months along! thats 36 weeks pregnant! 😀

This last month has been really tough for me i havent been coping well with the heat especially at night as i havent been sleeping well and end up waking up a sweaty mess. Then im exhausted all day and wonder how im supposed to save energy for D Day?!

Although this last 3 weeks i have found some relief with the sitting room door open as Alex said he cant hear me snoring, cold cloth and cooling baths and have managed to sleep a bit better! And the temp has also dropped a bit at night which is lovely!

Although its not the whole night through as im constantly getting up to pee again and waking myself up with my own snoring! lol

998444_530055950383057_672196426_nI have only had one leg cramp in the last month and half and that was one night last week after i thought how lucky i was not to be getting them. (i tempted fate there lol).

My feet are still swollen, there hobbit feet but dont hurt at all and my swollen hands havent been to bad at the moment either.

Its annoying i cant walk very far and i get out of breath quickly doing almost everything now.

I can’t take a bath without Alex being home as its a struggle getting in and out with my big belly and im out of breath by the time i actually get in and he’s worried i might have a fall.

I have been way more hormonal and weepy lately and everything is just a struggle on and off at the moment. Im more tense as well knowing September and my due date will soon be here and i guess its the unknow experience of labor which has me nervous. (Seriously its not dragging anymore!)

im scared, excited and a whole lot of other emotions bundled into one which is really overwhelming sometimes! Hence the tears sometimes, other moments when i feel almost my normal self and Others when im overwhelming happy.

Sunday i was looking at the baby clothes i have for Peanut and ended up having a good cry. I guess the last month of pregnancy is always frustrating as its just a waiting game now til she decides to arrive!

And yes im at the stage where i just want Peanut out and labor over and done with grrrr! Especially with this heat which has been unbearable for my pregnant body!

But we have been promised rain which hasnt arrived but we did get a drop in temp down to 33c instead of 40c which makes it alot nicer and more bearable. And im hoping its going to stay down now as i really dont want it going back up to 40c again!

Since 33 weeks i have been getting very nervous and a bit scared about D Day and then coping with a newborn baby as its all unknown. And not having much to do in the day hasnt helped!

So i have made myself watch tv series i havent watched before or study a bit of Italian to keep my mind from thinking about it all. ( So the new series of Trueblood, Siberia and a few movies).

Alex has been really good taking me for walks in the evenings and making sure we go and socialise a few times a week so i dont go completely crazy lol

Yesterday we went for the last big bloods tests the same as i had begining and middle of the pregnancy and we should get the results begining of next week. These ones are really important as we will need the results with us for D Day.

Luckily the Dr’s was quite empty and we didnt have to wait around very long! plus i didnt have an urge to faint after having the blood taken this time lol.

End of last weekend i could feel Peanut really really low and i started to get a sharp pressure near my cervix and actually had to lay down for a while.

Luckily i found other Mom’s to be on the pregnancy forum i joined going through the same thing! Apparently its your baby and body preparing for the big day and im told the feeling can get worse.


I also am having hip and back ache on and off  for two days over the weekend but the Dr said again its just my body preparing itself for Peanut 🙂

Also im experiencing going to the bathroom alot more as your body naturally starts to cleanse itself before the big day.

Its also nice to know i am having Braxton hicks from my monitoring last thursday morning even if im not feeling them lol

It doesnt mean shes going to appear asap as apparently these feelings can go on for weeks right up til D Day. So its nice to know all this stuff is normal and talk to people experiencing the same thing.

I have also not been feeling 100% like i am coming down with something on and off. Also a little bit of nausea and more tired than normal. Again these are apparently common signs your body is getting ready for the big day and baby’s arrival!

Im lucky i havent had worse symptoms! Some Mom’s to be have constant back ache from now, sciatica, vomiting, hugely swollen cankles, massive mood swings which dont sound nice at all!

Its August now and alot of places here in Roma close down for the whole month to take holidays which leaves the area we live in feeling like a ghost town sometimes. Its a bit depressing but at least we have the supermarket still open incase i get some cravings!

I finally got around to finding some collage apps for my Ipad and decided to make a cute one of my life! 🙂 So life with Alex & Peanut as a bump so far! and of course a collage of my kitty Ciro 😉



Im sure there will be more collages once Peanut arrives! And also when i get my running going again!! 😛


Here are a few things im looking forwards to for after Peanut arrives!

1) eating things i havent been able to while pregnant! salads, deli meat, carbonara! yummy!!!

2) Running, yes i have missed my running so much this year & im glad i still have the urge to want to run 🙂

3) Laying on my front again – honestly i cant wait to be able to sleep on my tummy again so looking forwards to it.

4) Haircut – I havent had my hair cut or dyed since getting pregnant & said to myself it would be a luxury i would do after D Day.

5) Being able to go out & about again! missed my little adventures out to the big local park, meeting friends for a tea or going to the markets.

6) Getting a back rub from Alex! miss these soooo much 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephanie
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:41:21

    YAYYYY 9 months! Oh my, having to go through 9 months in august. but you will have a great time for maternity leave. All i wanted was a casear salad right after giving birth and they gave me lettuce with a packet of dressing AHHH


  2. ciro1
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 16:08:49

    As i have said before im my blog posts i have been sooo lucky with the weather here this year & not had to put up with 3 months of the heat! But its still been a bit unbearable! lol OMG salads thats all i have been dreaming about & salame sandwiches!! I seriously cant wait until i can eat them all again!!! I hope i get something nice at the clinic to eat afterwards or i will be sending poor Alex out to get me something! LOL!!


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