5th Monitoring

The last 2 weeks have been highly stressful for me and Alex with having to run about doing all the last tests & me experiencing different & new sensations going on inside as my body prepares for D Day which frankly has worried me as its all so new.

Alex has wanted to know about EVERY ache pain and feeling i have which i have told him and then he get’s all worried about it which doesnt help stress levels!

I think there normal fears and stresses but it has been a testing time for both of us. Especially after my Miss miscarriage and the D&C last year….so we both have fears for Peanut even though shes almost here!

We need to sit back and relax at this point with such a little time to go until  D Day!

Monday we went to the Clinic to have a vaginal tampoon test done which apparently you have to have done before giving Birth. It tests for bacteria etc and the obstetrician would get the results of the test and let us know what they were.


Tuesday was the ECG and Wednesday was the last minute night appointment at the Clinic about my high BP & blood test results i blogged about previously.

On and off this week i have been having very vivid nightmares when ever i sleep or nap and they really arent very nice. They feel so real i wake up shaking, heart pound or in tears.

I know its normal to have dreams like this especially towards the end of pregnancy but they are quite disturbing. I guess its all my fears coming out in some way 😦

The blood pressure pills they have me on have made me  very tired and feel like i have no energy some days. This of course has made me more grumpy and hormonal and Alex has noticed big time.

As theres only so many times he can ask me if im ok in the space of 10 minutes before i want to punch him lol

I know he’s worried about me but sometimes i just seem to want to lay on the bed or sofa like a beached whale and nap or do nothing. There’s nothing that can be done to change this as its side effects of the pills which will hopefully go away eventually. Peanut doesnt care infact she happily kicks away when i lay down or wiggles without a care in the world.

Thursday night i couldn’t sleep very well as i had alot of vaginal aches and pains which also carried on through the day. After checking on the pregnancy forum i noticed other Mom’s to be experiencing the same thing so that was interesting, not sure if its a sign of starting to dilate or not though.

Peanut felt like she had dropped even lower than she was before and i had to have lots of trips to the bathroom to pee. There was lots of pelvic pressure and this ache on and off even a few times on friday i noitced.


Today is saturday and was the 5th Monitoring done at the Santa Famiglia clinic this morning just like we had done the last 4 times before to check on Peanut.

Alex had to admit our Gyno had been right when she had told us we would pass most of August coming and going from there.

When we got there we found it very busy! 2 ladies were in labor and awaiting to go into the delivery rooms and there were alot of relatives waiting for them.

Another lady had a baby in distress and they were considering giving her a c-section. Apparently she had gone sun bathing at the seaside for some days not stayed hydrated and the baby had very little liquid left to move in because of this!

Apparently she had been warned against sun bathing by others but ignored them! Every pregnancys book and site i have read always warn about the heat and staying out of the sun in summer! So how she could ignore this just to get a tan and put her unborn baby at risk is Beyond me!!!

Anyway we had to wait an hour before we had the moitoring done which took another hour 🙂 Peanut was asleep as her heartbeat was very settled and she wasnt moving much. Just the odd small little sleepy kick here and there.

In the end the obstetrician came in and had to wiggly my belly from side to side gently to wake Peanut up! Then she got me to lay on my side and Peanut started kicking crazily as she was now fully awake and probably wondering what the heck was going on.

So the machine readings became alot more lively then which is waht the obstetrician wanted and also check that Peanut was moving around enough.

Alex noticed i was having little contractions again this time so probably more braxton hicks? I couldnt really feel them although they seemed stronger than the other ones i had when monitored by the machine.

The obstetrician came back and was more happy with Peaut’s movements and said that was all fine. 🙂 She checked my blood pressure which has now dropped to 125/70 which she said was much better.

They are keeping me on the pills and still keeping an eye on my BP at each check up. I noticed she also checked down there again and said i was still closed but she never mentioned dilation so not sure if thats started yet or not!

The doctor asked our due date which is 10th September and she nodded and wrote everything down in a big book they keep for each visit so they have the info from each one handy. Next monitoring will be friday afternoon now.


So some of the ladies on the forum i go on have been talking about things to induce labor! Which to me isnt a good idea baby will come when he/she is ready. I honestly dont mind waiting another 4 days and 2 weeks for Peanut now 🙂

The baby when ready can release a chemcial which then tells your body its ready to come out and so labor begins. I know this isnt always the fact as your water etc can break early or for other reasons like an emergency.

Any who some of these suggestions are old wives tales although i know having sex can be suggested by your Doctor if your due or late in pregnancy.

Some weird ones i have heard are eating fresh pineapple (been eating this on and off since 2nd trimester as i didnt know and im fine lol), long walks, walking with one shoe off, eating spicy foods, bumpy car journey. Castor oil, bouncing on a Birth ball.

There are many many many more and i have to say i have heard some Mom’s on the forum trying them but them not working at all. They just made themselves feel sick or silly for trying them out as other Mom’s on the forum have told them off for trying them!

I dont know if any of these really work or not for real i guess maybe they have for some people or they wouldnt be suggested or they just happened by coincidence?

But if your 37/38 weeks along whats the rush? Baby will be here soon anyway why try something which could hurt your little one?

I know im inpatient for Peanut to be here but i really think shes not coming now til her due date in September as everyone keeps telling me first time babies always stick to their date or go over.



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