Pre-Reading up on newborns

So its getting closer to D Day and the last few weeks i have been reading up on what to expecting from having a newborn.

And this is what i found:

1) Newborns can look weird their not all smoothed skin & chunky when first born like you see on book covers those arent newborn babies! They apparently can look a little alien like with long limbs!                                     259797_384563628322177_817649194_n

2) Newborn Poop gets everywhere so expect this, also they spit up when feeding alot.

3) Breastfeeding hurts! I have heard for at least first 2 weeks but even then it can hurt afterwards if your nipples become cracked and dry.

4) Sometimes you can be nursing every two hours which can last 1 hour if the baby isnt getting enough milk.

5) Baby can wake up every 3-4 hours to be fed. (even in less time if he/she isnt getting enough milk)

6) Baby can end up with colic this doesnt make you a bad Mom as lots of babies get it and there are lots of things you can do to help with it.

7) No point wearing nice tops as you need to wear something with easy access to feed baby, also if you have leakage your going to get a wet spot on the top along with a milky smell.

8) newborns can take up alot of time with feeding and changing they wont just sleep all the time.

9) Get sleep when you can as newborns have their own timetable at the begining and if you can get in 30mins nap when they sleep you will need it.

10) Its handy to have pre-made meals or frozen meals ready as you might not have the time to stand and prepare stuff from scratch.

11) If people offer to come help you say yes, even if its to help cook, clean or help out with baby stuff.

12) Dont expect to have a clean house you wont have time at the begining epsecially looking after baby and getting your strength back from D Day.

13) Baby will live in the onsies for the first 3-4 months as its easy/fast access to change the nappies.

14) Make sure you have alot of onsies outfits as you will be changing baby when the nappies leaks etc alot.

15) Only feed the baby when it cries to be fed you dont have to be automatically feed him/her every few hours baby will tell you when he/she is hungry.

16) You dont constantly need to change his/her nappies every 20 mins, also baby will cry at night if the nappy needs changing.

17) Newborns dont smile or coo until around 6 weeks old.

18) Give baby only a sponge bath until the unbilical cord falls off.

So some things me and Alex have to be aware of when Peanut finally pop’s out and im sure there is alot more we dont know about! But im sure like any first time parents we will muddle through.

Hopefully we can get into some kinda of routine which my mother finds funny she laughs everytime i say it now! Not sure what she finds so funny but it can’t be that bad can it?!?!


So as i said in my post on the weekend i have been a bit up and down emotionally especially with these vivid nightmares. (they suck)

So i have started to go through the baby stuff i have again which kinda makes me feel better. I know that must sound silly but i find it calming to touch the cute pink baby clothes & little pink rabbit toy.

So i re-folded all the baby clothes i have in my draws, straightened the little clean & ironed blankets/covers, went through my hospital bag again. 🙂

Just these little things i find calming and i find i can take a deep breath and relax about Peanut and some of my fears melt away. So yes i have started ‘nesting’ again i guess 🙂 wanting to make sure again everything is prepared for my little Peanut.

I really want to be the best Mom i can be to her and being stressed and anxious even before she arrives isn’t good for her. So im doing my best now to relax more for her and myself.

I keep thinking pink and fluffy thoughts, cute and pretty things to get my mind off everything and it seems to be working lol. That and the fact we dont have long left now woohoo!!!

Talking about pink things i have a few pink clothes for her to wear when shes born 🙂 Its weird i have never been big into pink and never thought if i had a baby girl i would dress her alot in that colour. But all those months ago when seeing the pretty pink little dress or onsie i just couldn’t resist buying them!

I have other colour stuff as well in blues, green, yellows and even some stuff which i guess look more boy-ish but i think they look cute to 🙂

Even my Dad has bought me a bundle of 2nd hand baby clothes of ebay that i saw for 3-6 months & most of the little tops/trousers are pink lol.

Its funny how your life and out look can change really quickly isnt it?

I really never thought i would live in another country but here i am 5 years living in Roma Italy! Im now a runner and doing races! Married to a lovely Italian man when i never really gave a thought to getting married before and expecting a baby soon!

So strange how your life can change direction so quickly just by a few choices you take and make. And i can’t imagine my life any other way now or how my life would have gone if this all hadn’t happened! 😀

Im very luck 🙂

Oh I managed to get my haircut on saturday evening as well at a new little place near us 🙂 I was going to wait until Peanut was born but a few people said i probably wouldnt have time after! Plus my friend Michelle said if i got it done i would look nice in the baby pics! which will be true lol!

I feel very pampered and relaxed with my hair cut shorter as i didnt want it long as i have read babies can get long hair wrapped round there tiny fingers & toes! Plus its easier to wash, dry and look after shorter 😀

That night we had some more braxton hick contractions and Peanut was wiggling widly when they happened so i just had to lay on the sofa bed until she calmed down. I did just end up going to bed as they were much stronger than the ones before very uncomfortable and even painful sometimes.

Then on and off on sunday i had light period like cramps which feel different from the braxton hicks and i have been told you get period like cramps for the real labor. But you can also experience light ones some weeks before the actual D Day or sometimes you get them a few days before the big day! Everyone women and pregnancy is different!

I haven’t had them again though since sunday.

My cat Ciro been even more clingy last 2 days demanding hugs all the time now, following me everywhere and sitting next to me all the time. Even Alex has been very agitated last few days being very restless and constantly looking for things to distract himself/us like watching movies or finding a pc game to play.

Maybe they are both sensing something! but there driving me crazy! I keep joking im going to put knock out drops in their water if they carry on 😛

So i guess for now we just have to carry on waiting and see what happens! Im just going to stay focused on the D Day date for the big arrival now 😛


Peanut is 38 weeks! (2 more weeks until D Day woohoo!!!!!)

Shes the size of a Pumpkin now 😀 and is about 18.9 to 20.9 inches long and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. Her head is now about the same circumference as her abdomen.

She may have about an inch or so of hair already. She’s slowly shedding that white goo on her skin (called vernix caseosa) but we might see some of it at birth.



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