6th Monitoring

Post about the monitoring today, few things over the week & symptoms i have been having 🙂

So tuesday evening we had to pop into Porta di Roma shopping mall to pick something up. Alex was amazed that there was so many people there in the evening as the place is open until 10pm and we never go there at night.

We decided to eat there as it could be one of the last evening out meals we will have in 2 again before Peanut comes 🙂 We went to the Old Wild West burger place which was quite busy. We told the waitress table for two and she said ” quasi tre” (almost three) with a smile which was so sweet.

It was such a nice evening, so relaxing to be out wandering about watching other people & shops.

Wednesday afternoon i started to get light backache then that night my hips started to ache when i was trying to sleep to. Thursday was more of the light back & hip ache and again in the night.


I have read these can be signs of early labor but can continue for days even weeks sometimes.

So its friday and we had another monitoring to do in the afternoon at the clinic at 5.30pm and of course almost everyone is back from the holidays so made finding a parking spot a little harder.

It wasn’t as busy as last time but there were quite a few ladies being monitored but after a 5 minute wait i was hooked up to the machine next to another woman. Peanut kicked for a while then seemed to get bored and went to sleep! lol

I did notice i was having little braxton hicks contractions again but i couldnt feel them and Peanut didnt seem bothered by them either.

The woman in the bed next to me was having proper labor contractions 7 minutes apart!!!! She was sitting there chatting to her husband and playing an app game on her phone! The Doctor came in and asked her how she was and she said it hurt but was managable, he then said they would be keeping her in as the baby was coming!

Alex the Whole time was watching the contractions on her machine as they bounced up to hundred then back at our machine which was only going to 35! He got impatient then and wished Peanut would hurry up so we could be like the other couple lol

He also noticed the veins in the woman’s legs were bulging and heard the Doctor say she would have to wear special tights when in labor so they didnt burst!! Apparently this would be her 3rd child!

They seemed really busy then and forgot about us for an hour and half so we just sat and watched Peanut’s steady heartbeat and chatted to the new couple who had come into the room.

After what seemed like the longest wait they finally came back and unstrapped me so i could dash for the loo as i needed a desperate pee! (it was no fun laying there i can tell you!)

Then the  obstetrician checked my cervix and said it was softer but everything was still closed and we would have to be patient a while longer! She also said we would both have to get the Salmonella test done this next week. Also she wanted another scan done just to see where Peanut was etc as we have only 11 days left until her due date now!

She also checked by blood pressure and said it was fine now but i have to stay on the tablets but shes happy with the readings we have been taking for it.

So a few busy days next week sorting these tests out before she makes her appearance! Things are starting to get exciting and Alex and me are getting more impatient! 🙂


My cat Ciro has been following me around still and laying beside me and staring at me with big eyes lol I guess he can smell the last hormone changes im apparently going through. He’s being so good im hoping he will be like this when Peanut arrives 🙂

He did hiss at me for the first time ever the other day! (he never ever hisses at me!) He only hisses at the vet but a few other Mom’s said it could be linked to the scent of the last hormone changes.

My pregnancy snoring has become really bad! Alex has classed me as a weapon of mass destruction with it! lol Reaching devastating proportions!

I wake myself up alot with it, im waking him up with it and im pretty sure im waking most of our building up with it now!! Seriously its so bad and so loud!! and its getting worse! I know its the baby weight bump causing it and is completely normal but I seriously cannot wait until it stops!

funny-pictures-smiley-faced-belly-catI have read it should stop after Peanut comes out or wont be as bad while i loose post baby weight 🙂

I have also been getting breathless and short of breath last few days and its a horrible sensation! Peanut seems to enjoy going from being low and in the right place to moving sideways and being high.

I get scared that i wont be able to breath at all! But have read its normal at this stage as shes so big and crowding my organs alot.

I have one stretch mark! 🙂 I had this little stretch mark before getting pregnant anyway from weight loss through my running. But i have noticed its grown in size and its all silver!

I dont mind having it its a sign of motherhood and im suprised i dont have anymore to be honest! So i think im lucky just with one. 😀

Another thing i have noticed last few weeks is a bitter taste in my mouth which wont go away! very strange!

When we found out we were pregnant Alex said straight away we were having a girl and he predicted right! So out of fun i asked him the date he thinks Peanut will be born on and he gave me a date for this next week.

I wont say the day/date as im curious to see if he’s correct which would be weird if it is lol



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