Scan done :)

Our obstetrician scheduled a scan for us this afternoon so they could see where Peanut was laying as we are very very close to D Day now. So Alex took the afternoon off and at 4.15pm we were at the Santa Famiglia clinic.

I had kinda been looking forwards to the appointment but on the way there i felt a bit down and realised i had hoped the last scan we had done would be the last one before Peanut arrived. But here we were again only going to see her on a tv screen and not in the flesh when we could hold & touch her.

It was really busy when we got there with lots of pregnant woman and there partners waiting to see Doctors, get blood tests and scan’s done! I guess being that time of the day was their visiting times as usually we go later evenings or on weekends when its not so busy.

We had to wait over an hour to be seen as the Doctor i think was running late and she had quite a few people to see but we didnt mind.

I noticed that my belly isnt as big as i keep thinking it is! Even Alex comments on the size of some of the bumps we saw in the hallway as they were much bigger than mine! Which actually made me feel really happy.

Eventually it was our turn to go in and i said to Alex to have a good look at Peanut incase the Doctor did the scan quickly and i didnt get to see anything. But i didn’t need to worry at all!

The scan Doctor was really nice and relaxed she said Peanut’s head was down and engaged 🙂 there was still lots of liquid around her to. She said Peanut weighed 2.7kg’s and was a bit skinny and had a big belly which was all due to my high blood pressure.

But she said this would all go down once she was born and she would be healthy etc so no need to worry 🙂

She showed us Peanut’s face her hand was against her cheek and we could see her swallowing and she stuck her tongue out quickly at the screen lol The Doctor took a few snaps for us and even did a few in 3D! It was just Amazing!

It made me feel the scan was Worth it after all just to see that! And to know everything was ok and going well!

The Doctor then said there was no sign Peanut was ready to come out yet at all!!! And told us if she didnt arrive on the 10th of Sept then they would wait another 10 days and i would be induced into labor. So Peanut would be made to come out on the 20th Sept if she didnt decide to be born herself! lol

I found this really reassuring as i suddenly had a firm date for her appearance! woohoo!

Afterwards we popped into Oviesse on the way home to buy some little pink socks and a hat we might need for when shes born. 🙂

I was exhausted by the time we got home, i felt tired and dizzy with no energy and hadn’t realised how tense i had been before the scan. I still had fears before it was done normal fears i guess but once the scan was done i seemed to release all the tension.

Alex was the same way! He couldn’t stop smiling that we had got to see Peanut again even briefly and he was completely relaxed after talking to the Doctor. It seemed we both needed the scan today after all 🙂



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