7th Monitoring – someone doesnt want out!

Round up of the week and the latest monitoring:

Really uncomfortable over the last weekend with back and hips ache! I have noticed my hips make a clicking sound when i get up sometimes as well now. I have read this can be where there softening and getting ready for D Day. I couldnt sit in a chair for very long without everything aching alot or getting pressure very low down.

Back & hip ache eased off eventually and i have had it on and off during the week along with the low down pressure where i just have to go lay down.1234970_540134886041830_15365559_n

My tummy has been making lots of gurgling sounds last 2 weeks where apparently i have air trapped as everything is squished from where Peanut is laying. So my tummy makes funny noises sometimes also because i have alot of liquid in there to! lol

Alex has started to nest lol!! Im pretty sure im the only one who’s supposed to do that but now we dont have much longer to go its like a red alert has sounded in his head. So he’s been cleaning and scrubbing and trying to make sure things are in order before Peanut comes.

Monday we had to do the salmonella test which i thought would be another blood test oh boy how wrong was i!! Nope its a poop test!! heehee! Yup you heard me right! And of course it has to be done for anyone going to be in the delivery room so both me and Alex!

I wont go into the gory details of the test but you can guess Alex was less than impressed about it! But i did remind him its for a good cause and he would only have to do it once 🙂 They both came back negative so we can both be part of Peanut’s Birth! woohoo! 😀

Monday night i had a terrible headache it was really bad and in the end i had to take a Paracetamol which is the only medication im allowed to take while pregnant. (not including the BP bills the Dr gave me) It was the first time i have taken anything the whole almost 10 months apart from the BP pills.

The obstetrician has been asking last few visits weather im experiencing headaches at all so thats interesting i finally got one. Not sure if thats linked to the BP tablets im taking or weather you just get them as your D Day draws near.


Our obstetrician also scheduled a scan for us on tuesday which was my last blog post and went really well 🙂

The next monitoring was arranged for thursday evening (which was Yesterday)  at 9pm so we had to take the scan & salmonella results with us to show her.

The place was again empty as the night shift seems to just tend to patients already staying there who are going into labor etc so we didnt have to wait long to see the obstetrician. She asked how it was going and wanted to see the results which she was all happy with.

Then i was hooked up to the machine and we settled down to listen to Peanut’s heartbeat as she kicked away happily for a while before as usual falling asleep. It was so quiet in the place you could easily fall asleep yourself just listening to the little heartbeat beating away.

I had been hoping all day for a sign that Peanut was getting ready to come in the next 5 days as shes supposed to be due on the 10th September but it wasnt going to happen.

The obstetrician came in to wiggle my belly and get her awake again so she could see the readouts quickly then it was into the other room for a visit.

She said i have even more water which is good for Peanut to move around in especially as shes small at 2.7kgs!

Then a quick look and she told us Peanut really didnt want to come out at all as i am not dilated at all and have had no real contractions either!! This was annoying as i thought something would have happened by now so close to D Day!

The good news was that Peanut has a small head according to the scan and with all the liquid it would be better when she will be delievered! I then had a sudden image of a baby speeding down on a water slide and wondered if she would come out fast! :O

Looking at Alex he seemed to have the same thought and told me if and when things started to happen he hoped Peanut would give us enough time to get to the clinic!! LOL!

Im not so convinced i am actually starting to think shes really to comfortable in there and doesnt want to come out at all! I mean would you want to come out of a nice warm place you still had plenty of room to move in? Where they fed you and you could sleep all day?

So if this whats happening it means i will have to be induced…le sigh…but we shall see.

The next appointment was sorted for sunday as its so close to D Day the visits need to be closer togeather now incase things suddenly move quickly. But the obstetrician did say like the scan Doctor they would induce me on the 20th sept if Peanut didnt come by herself.

Alex had originally predicted she would be born on the 3rd Sept but thats come and gone! So now he says the 17th Sept so we shall see!

My little Sister has said she thinks it will be friday 13th Sept as she thought it would be funny as in the UK  friday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck. But luckily thats not the same here in Italy thats just a normal day and not unlucky so thats kind of backfired on her 😛



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  1. Gil
    Sep 06, 2013 @ 20:07:06

    Home that ‘peanut’ is in your arms pretty soon. Great writing.


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