8th Monitoring – Progress!

So today (sunday) was another monitoring for me and Peanut as we are so close to D Day infact its only 3 days! keep-calm-only-3-days-to-go-26

We had to be at the clinic for 10am as that is when our obstetrician would be there for her shift. She tends to have shifts sometimes in the mornings and others at night hence all the different times in the days we have been visiting with her.

It also makes it alot easier for us as we can go in on weekends or evenings and Alex doesnt have to miss any days of work very often for all of this.

Anyway it was quite silent and not busy at all and soon i was hooked up to the monitoring machine with just me and Alex in the room. Peanut was awake, wiggling and kicking against the sensor as usual.

I was having some more braxton hick contractions and a few even spiked up to 70 on the machine which is the highest i have seen them go so far. Another obstetrician came in from time to time to check on us as we sat and chatted and watched the machine.

Alex got a little restless and started pacing the room and then checking the machine as he is getting more tense and restless as D Day grows near. (He also wanted a coffee lol)

Anyway they left us for 2 hours which was the longest monitoring we have had so far and they had me move into different positions during that time. So laying propped up, then sitting up and then on my side, all so they could watch Peanut’s heartbeat and the mini contractions that were happening.

The Braxton hicks seemed to stop and start alot and as i said were going up to 70 on the machine which to me was a bit of progress. (anything small and different is progress to me at this stage lol)

Once we were done and my blood pressure was taken it was time for a visit with our obstetrician 🙂

She told me everything was still closed but i was softer than 3 days ago (PROGRESS!!!) She could also feel Peanut’s head!! woohoo!! I was so happy that we had some changes even if they were small! She seemed very happy about it to and hugged me.


She was also happy these small contractions were doing something even if it was really slowly but there was still no sign of any proper contractions! grrr

Apparently as i have so much liquid inside when/if my waterbreaks i can create my own man made lake! heehee! She said it would be hard to miss and keep going for a while so i would need to go to the bathroom as soon as it happened. (without slipping over and with calm)

Also Peanut could happily stay inside my tummy even if it breaks for 2 days and be ok but she still said to come in if/when it happened straight away and we would have time to get to the clinic.

I got a bit worried then about electrical plugs/sockets and the contact of so much water i really dont want to electrocute myself or Peanut! :S I joked i could stay laying in the bath the next few days just incase and Alex looked tempted at the idea! LOL

There was also mention of me using the mop afterwards to clean the floor up! LMAO!

The obstetrician said she doubted anything would happen today or Tomorrow but our next monitoring would be tuesday night the day im actually due and hopefully Peanut would decide to come out.

We all rubbed my belly at this point giving words of encouragement to Peanut who was hopefully listening to us!

Im really happy we have had some progress and that maybe this means little Peanut does want to come out and finally meet us 🙂 I have read i dont need to be dilated to have contractions or my waterbreak as either of these can start quite quickly. Then the opening and dilation can progress from there but i guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!



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