Peanut has arrived! :D

I want to start with giving a big THANKYOU!! to all the friends, expats ,FB & Twitter friends and my blog readers who have been following me through this pregnancy.      Thank-you-post-it

I have and do really appreciate all your comments and suggestions that you have been giving me throughout! Seriously its been like a support system that frankly i have sometimes needed!

Especially as we have no Nonni/grandparents or family members here in Roma for support. Its been a long journey with some stressful last weeks but finally Peanut is here! wooohoooo!!!!!

Thankyou so much for putting up with my hormones, rants, tears, happy moments and mini drama’s! 😀

So Peanut decided to come 1 day earlier than her due date and not be late 🙂

Monday morning at 4.10am i was asleep on the sofa bed and went to roll over and as i did i felt what i can only describe as what felt like a water balloon get squished and i knew my waters were about to break!

I managed to jump out of bed as this happened (yay me) so only the floor got wet. I found my water had only semi broke as there wasnt the tons of liquid i had expected more like 3 cups full.

Then it was a trip to the bathroom and a very calm calling out to Alex to tell him what had happened. He was instantly awake and i must say how proud i am that we worked togeather like a well oiled machine getting my bag, getting dressed, cleaning up and feeding the cat before heading to Santa Famiglia.

We were at the clinic by 5am and i was check and confirmed my water had partly broken. Then it was time to be monitored and hooked up to the machine to make sure Peanut was ok. Her heart beat was nice and strong and i could already feel mild contractions happening 🙂

I was put in a shared room (2 beds for the ladies) with Alex and told to get into my nightie and then into bed. The contraction’s werent to bad if i focused on the deep breathing they had shown me to do. Even when they became quite strong i could feel them building and breathed through them.

Our obstetrician Alex had already phoned that morning and she had told him her shifted started at 2pm but if anything happened she would come in straight away. As soon as she arrived she took charge having me taken up stairs so she could examine me.


I hadn’t dilated and she said they would give me something to help this happen and so i was hooked up to a drip with a bag of sugarwater (i think thats what its called) to keep me hydrated. She told us she would have Peanut out before dinner time she was certain of that! 🙂

Our friend Angela turned up at the hospital to give moral support to Alex who was tense and worried and who didnt like seeing me in pain. She was a big help to both of us sitting with me when Alex went to get a coffee etc and then with him when i was being looked at.

It didnt take more than 5 minutes for me to start dilating a little OMG it hurt! Constant pain which i couldnt breath through and i was trying hard not to cry it hurt so much.

Alex was all worried and the obstetrician told me i would be having an epidurale at which by that point i would try anything! A Doctor came in got me to raise my nightie at my back so he could give me something to numb it and then i felt a little pressure as the epidurale was attached. Within minutes everything went numb it was soooo much better!

They told me the epidurale would make me feel itchy which it did and that was just a normal side effect but i didnt care as i was happy the pain was gone.

Alex and Anglea in the mean time nipped outside for a smoke as they wanted to examine me again and i had said fine knowing getting some air would do them both good.

The obstetrician was soon back to check me and said i had only dilated only a little bit and they would give me some more of the drug to get it going and within minutes i was!

Then it was time for the first push to get the head in place and that felt really weird doing that! Suddenly i was ready and they were moving me to the birthing room! Alex was no where to be seen and i felt a bit panicked that he might miss the Birth.

But my  obstetrician smiled grabbed her phone and told him it was time and to come back inside the building. Then i was wheeled into the room and Alex appeared a bit flustered that it had happened all so fast.

It only took 3 – 4 pushes and she was out! Getting cut down there to help actually hurt more than her coming out and of course being so tall Alex saw EVERYTHING! I am so proud of him for being in there holding my head and not passing out! 🙂

They had told me that when she was born they would lay her on my belly and Alex would get to cut the umbilical cord but this didnt happen. I saw her being held up by her feet when she came out and then the  obstetrician cut the cord and a doctor and 2 nurses rushed with her into the other room.

Alex went to see if everything was ok as we didnt hear anything but then we heard one loud cry and then some more! 🙂 The doctor told Alex that the umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck twice so they had needed to move fast to make sure she was ok.                                   keep-calm-and-give-birth-28

Meanwhile i was being seen to and stitched! OMG this hurt more than giving Birth but luckily i only needed two done, one long one and a little one and i was very happy when that was over! (by the end of pregnancy you arent shy with many male and female Doctors/nurses etc looking at your lady parts!)

Alex got to hold Peanut in the meantime and he couldnt stop smiling and crying! He bought her over to show me but i didnt get a chance to hold her as they whisked her away to be fully checked on etc.

Then i was taken back to my room with Alex and told the baby would be bought down in 2 hours time 😀 I wasnt allowed to eat for 3 hours afterwards while the epidurale wore off and so we chatted and waited for her to be bought in.

I cant describe the moment when i finally got to see her properly and hold her for the first time it was so overwhelming! It had felt so unreal up to that point not being able to hold her in the birthing room but suddenly here she was!

This tiny Amazing little pink wrinkly creature with her button nose and soft kissable skin and who is so adorable!

I had to stay in the clinic 3 nights in the end and i didnt sleep much maybe 2-3hours a night as i spent most of it staring at Peanut watching to make sure she was ok as the babies were allowed to sleep in the rooms with you.

I had a few scares like when she vomited alot of water which was apparently amniotic fluid she had swallowed when being born or when she made strange little noises i wasnt used to.

I havent had success with breastfeeding so far as she wont latch properly as we found she had a weak suckling reflex and she also curls her tongue back into her mouth. She didnt feed properly the first 2 days in the hospital as they were trying to get her to take my breast and in the end she was bottled fed.

Even now when we got home we had trouble feeding her at first because we didnt realise she was curling her tongue back against the bottle nipple but now shes Learning to flatten her tongue when its feeding time and shes demanding more milk each feed.

We are finding parenthood a bit overwhelming at the moment with trying to work out what she wants, the lack of sleep when she wont settle down and sleep, getting grumpy at eachother over things because we both feel stressed. But this is all normal and part of the process of finding our feet now shes in our lives.

Both Alex and i have realised even though we might snap at eachother now when stressed out that its not the real us we are both just scared, overwhelmed and excited and dealing with it in different ways.

I know one thing i wouldnt have been able to do this without him, he’s been my rock running around buying all the stuff we need, making sure im eating, feeding her, changing her, rocking her. Im one very lucky woman to be married to such an Amazing man!

And very happy that Peanut who’s real name is Giulia is now in our lives and our little Sunshine who’s already very spoilt! 😀

IMAG2079  IMAG2091


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cath (C in Bo)
    Sep 14, 2013 @ 17:42:02

    Congratulations to you both! Beautiful baby and beautiful name. Sounds like you did really well and now the fun part starts – getting to know each other!


    • ciro1
      Sep 15, 2013 @ 06:16:53

      It’s all a bit overwhelming at first but we are slowly getting there 🙂 she’s such a good little girl! Still can’t believe she’s finally here.


  2. Gil
    Sep 14, 2013 @ 20:18:53

    Congratulations to the three of you. Glad to hear that everything went smoothly for you. Giulia is a beautiful little doll!!!


  3. gossipgirl221
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 16:24:05

    Reblogged this on GossipGirl.


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