Working off post baby fat before exercising again!

Now Peanut is out, growing and happy i realised i would really like to start fitting back into my jeans! lol (they wont fit over my thighs and butt!!)

This is my main goal now as im drinking lots of water and back to all the healthy stuff i couldnt eat while pregnant. This all should help flush out the excess water, blood and pregnancy hormones you body has to deal with after labor.

Im also wearing body forming compressions underwear which was suggested by several friends with kids as this helps get the muscles back into shape as well.

So once you have been through labor and given Birth your probably a bit restless about getting back into shape just like me. But of course you cannot start working out properly until you have the all clear at either 6 week (for natural) or 12 weeks ( c-section) depending on how you give Birth.

1069257_390237907754749_729689488_nBut here are things you can do while waiting the weeks for the all clear from the Doctor!

1) Breastfeeding it saves money on buying milk while you bond with your baby 🙂 but it can also help you burn the post baby fat to! It can help you burn up to an estimated 500 cals a day & also releases a hormone which helps your uterus to shrink back to its normal size.

But breastfeeding requires 800 calories a day so you shouldnt think about going on a diet if you plan to breastfeed as your babies gonna need you eating well!

I am not breastfeeding as it didnt work out for me and was more stressful than helpful but we are happy bottle feeding as both me and Alex can take turns and he gets bonding time with Peanut!

2) Baby wraps/harness are also very useful as carrying your baby can sooth but also for you it can be like carrying round a heavily little rucksack. You are going to be burning calories carrying you little one around and also build lower-body muscle and boost your metabolism! (i think you can use the baby wrap/harness from about 1 month old)

3) Water – Make sure your still drinking plenty of water to help flush out any unwanted toxins also it will help ward of cravings you might be getting. It can be hard getting back to a normal-ish eating routine after Birth especially as you can suddenly eat foods you werent allowed before. But drinking water will make you feel fuller and should help stop over eating.

4) Get outside with the baby and stroller and have some walks! Getting some air and exercise is the best thing for both of you!

5) Playing with your baby is going to burn some calories to and you can also get an abs workout in at the same time! I have read a good way of doing this is by doing push ups over the baby making a game of it like peekaboo! 🙂 Or lifting the baby in a repetitive motion as you sit or lay down. Peanut just wants to eat, sleep & poop at the moment so i dont get long to play with her.

So those are a few things thats have been  recommended to get back in shape!


But to be honest we are already getting a workout with Peanut with all the holding her and rocking her. Both me and Alex had very achey arms the first few days from taking turns carrying her. And we can feel the muscles we are making just from doing that! Plus all the walking up and down in the house to rock/sooth her so we are both getting little workouts. 🙂

I was thinking of looking at the post pregnancy workout video i have in a week or so as its alot of gentle yoga moves to get you slowly back into shape its only 15 minutes a day but would be nice.

I plan to start doing a 30 day weights workout dvd with my friend Jess 🙂 once i get the all clear at 6 weeks and this is a great way to stay motivated and get some stamina back!

I still can’t wait to get running again though! I have missed it these long long long months! And already have a training plan in mind to get me started again but for now i will enjoy my baby bonding time 🙂



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