Cat vs Baby

So my cat Ciro hasnt coped very well with Peanut’s arrival at all. The first week he was completely freaked out by her and meowed more than usual and demanded way more cuddles than he usually wants. 942930_584678278232706_523310210_n

He also kept trying to get into her bed which he wasnt allowed to do or get up close and stare at her with big eyes.

Then he attacked me like he sometimes does and spent most of the 2nd two weeks shut in the kitchen after that as i was worried he would attack Peanut as well!

We did let him out for a few hours at a time hoping he would get used to the new changes but he became depressed. He wouldn’t eat or what little he did eat he would puke up! He would even come to my chair or right next to me to puke up to get my attention.

Or he would just lay on the chair in the kitchen looking depressed and barely responding to anything! 😦 His fur felt rough to not its usual softness and we got really worried about him.

We weren’t sure if it was depression or if he was ill with something serious and were worried he would just waste away from not eating.

After 2 days of this Alex took him to the vet and we discovered yes he was depressed and had to have an injection as he was making alot of tummy acid which was bad for him. The vet said this sort of thing can usually happens on the 2nd week of bringing a baby home.


We were given special biscuits for his tummy and told to buy a special diffuser for his area of the house he spends most time in.

The Feliway diffuser releases pheromones which help to relieve stress and anxiety in cats. When the cat senses/smells them it make him/her feel safe.

You just plug the diffuser into the wall in the area the cat spends most of its time and after 24 hours you should see a difference.

I really wasn’t sure if this was going to work or not but i would try anything to cheer poor Ciro up and help him deal with the situation.

I know hes not king of the house anymore and he has to realise and except this if we are all going to live togeather peacefully.

Anyway we did see an improvement within 24 hours of using this product he started eating the biscuits we were given and seemed alot more relaxed.

The Vet did agree that we should never leave him alone with Peanut & he should be shut in another room when i feed/change her.


So its been 5 days since Ciro saw the Vet and we have been using the diffuser and things seem to be going well.

Now Alex is back at work we have our own routine 🙂 Ciro spends his time in the house with us most of the time unless Peanut is awake or im taking a nap. If these things happen then his shut in our kitchen which is quite long and general his area. All this toys, beds, food, dirty tray are in there and Always have been.

He still comes to peer in at her or stares at her bed if she makes a noise in her sleep. Mostly he lays on a chair or in the hallway if im not playing with him. I try to give him alot of cuddles so he doesnt feel left out and we play with his toy mouse/ball for a while to.

He’s tried to nip me twice nothing as bad as before when he would full out bite me but i stopped stroking him and he left me alone. So thats an improvement right there 🙂

Sometimes i catch him watching me if im check on Peanut and i wonder what he’s thinking but he seems more relaxed and excepting of the situation.

But we shall see how it goes…only time will tell especially as she grows and gets bigger.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cath
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 14:13:00

    Good luck! We ended up rehoming our cat when my son was born as we just couldn’t trust them together and it was getting too tricky to keep them apart. The cat scratched his face quite badly when he was a month old and I couldn’t take it any longer! Luckily my FIL decided to take him on (the cat, not the baby!)


  2. ciro1
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 14:30:54

    Im hoping it wont come to rehoming…i dont trust him anyway especially as he has a habit of biting me so we will just have to see how it goes. fingercrossed it all remains calm! 🙂


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