Signing up for WeRunRome 2013

So i have decided to do the WeRunRome 10k for the 3rd time in a row on 31st December (2013) this year and run it with my bestie Jess who will be in Roma at the time.


I kinda have mixed feelings about it as i haven’t started to run again yet and i know my fitness level is no where near what it was last year when i ran the same race.

Saying that i never lost the urge to go running at all when i was pregnant it was just a pain in the butt i wasn’t allowed to run at all. I know i probably won’t do anything like my previous times for the 10k but at least i will still have the sense of achievement from completeing it. 🙂

Also my body has bounced back into a kind of good shape! I don’t have tons of left over baby weight as i thought i would even if cant fit into my jeans properly yet due to my big butt lol. But i reckon once i get running again that could change in a matter of weeks.

Alex has been very encouraging about it insisting that i sign up when it opens and do the race so thats comforting to knowing he knows my running is still very important to me and wants me to continue with it.

I can begin running once i get the all clear in 2 weeks time which will be the 6 weeks check up. But im still waiting for the registeration of the race to open as they seem to be slacking this year with that!

I have decided to follow a basic 10k training plan which i followed before a few years ago when i first started training for the very first WeRunRome race back in 2011. Its the Hal Higdon Novice training plan which builds you up slowly and should prevent injury.

Its going to be really helpful that i can go running 2 or 3 evenings a week when Alex get’s back from work or on weekends while he watches Peanut so i can train again.


I have 3 months until the race so hopefully enough time to get back into some kind of shape and build up my stamina again! Like I said i did manage to keep some fitness while pregnant which helped my body bounce back afterwards so im hoping it will be the same for the running.

Im quite excited and scared about having decided to do the race now!! It almost feels like the first time i ever did this race which was my first ever 10k! eek! 🙂

But the sense of achievement afterwards was Amazing when i did it the first time! And i think i will feel that again especially running that distance after being pregnant and having a baby. Its a whole new goal for me to work towards as im basically starting from scratch again as i haven’t run in almost 10 months which is a long time.

I might even be doing another race as well just before Christmas as well with Jess but its not signed up for yet 🙂

Maybe one day little Peanut will join her Mummy doing some running or even a few races! 😀

Here are my Previous posts on this race for 2012!

And 2011 which was my first ever 10k race! 😀



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