1 Month already!

Where the heck did the last 4 weeks go??? Seriously i feel like it was only 5 minutes ago i was still pregnant!  8867_506432119422635_2090464693_n

Peanut is 4 weeks old (1 month) today and growing and growing!

Its interestng to see how shes changing so quickly everyday so im taking photos and once a week photo’s to see the differences. 🙂


We are settling into a routine although it can change daily if she wakes up early or stays awake for longer periods. Which she is doing now so newborns dont sleep all the time like people tell you!.

And we are both getting used to the change now infact it feels like the ‘norm’ now which is a good thing.

So lots of feeding times, nappy changes, burping & cuddles 🙂 and then moments of not sure what she wants so amusing her until shes tired or hungry again.

Im still not coping that well with lack of sleep although sometimes i get to sleep longer than other times. As i do all the night feedings and infact almost all of Peanut’s feedings apart from the odd 1 or 2.

She’s not to bad at night only waking at midnight then either 3 or4 and then again at 5 or 6 for feeds. 🙂

Sometimes i miss naps in the day if she wont settle or i get them in if she sleeps alot depending on her mood.

Sleep deprivation isnt nice it can make you grumpy & upset but its funny how you can learn to function on only a few hours sleep when needed!


But Alex has been taking care of her alot on the weekends and encouraging me to go out with friends or on my own so i get a break. These moments are really needed but i still worry about them when im out.

I can’t wait until we can have adventures out as a family 🙂 which we might start doing from next weekend.

Im looking forwards to my 6 week checkup in 2 weeks times and getting the all clear to exercise again thats if i have the energy and dont need to sleep.

I would like to start running again even if its only short distances. Especially as im signing up for the Werunrome race on Newyears day so i need a bit of training. 🙂

Also that week of my check up my Mum and Sister are coming to visit for 6 days and they are eager to spend time with Peanut and look after her. So that week i can sleep as much as possible lol although i want to spend time with them to. 🙂

It will be nice to spend time with them and go for walks and chat etc and also have some help with Peanut even if its only for a short time.

Its still in the 20c somethings here in Roma but a bit chilly in the mornings and at night but warm in the days so sometimes its hard to workout what to wear. Peanut is very slowly growing into all the clothes that didnt fit her as shes still long and slim! I dont think shes ever going to be a fat baby no matter how much she drinks and she drinks alot now lol.

She’s a very happy little baby girl and loves to smile alot and stare at us and likes it when we play with her and have cuddles. 🙂

I still can’t believe im a Mummy now and my instincts have kicked in and im no longer worried about doing something wrong. Like picking her up in the wrong way etc which i was at the very begining.

I have an idea for a photo frame with some of Peanut’s first photo’s in, also with her wrist band from the clinic i still have with me. 🙂 Something we can put on the wall somewhere and add photo’s as she grows.



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