Walk before you can Run

So me and Peanut went for our first solo walk in the park last friday:) It was really nice and relaxing and she dozed enjoying the movement.                    1376457_524188384323168_135712780_n

It gave me a chance to listen to my body again which i Always used to do when running.

I have noticed my left hip and knee are very unhappy again! My hip is slightly out of alignment and always has been so my foot doesnt point forwards when i walk it points outwards slightly.

So im finding my hip and knee are feeling very tight and stiff when i went for the 1 mile walk. I did have this when i first started running and it did cause alot of pain and problems.

But this time im not going in as a newbie! I have done the stretches and yoga which helped before in the previous last 2 years!

So i now know what should help this problem and hopefully prevent myself getting injured before i have began to run properly!

Plus my running shoes will help as there designed to help with this type of problem and which is why i got advice and researched it. Using just any basic running shoe or the wrong ones would just make the problem worse and lead to more injury.

Im doing more walks in the park with Peanut now so this should help stretch them out and get myself to move alot more again as i didnt do much the last trimester.


Its nice and relaxing in the park and im happy to walk my running route again starting to get into the flow of being outside again and getting active.

Next week i will try a few short test runs and see how it feels just so i know where i stand before i start any training plans etc.

I had the urge to run all weekend but stopped myself from going as i still feel i need to wait at least this week. I know why i want to run because to me its a good stress releaser and gives me a clear head.

Plus i just want to get on with losing this left over baby weight now i hate just waiting about.

I have also started doing plank a day this week as well and managed to hold one for 50 seconds which isnt bad as i havent done any in over 9 months! But im confident i will be back to holding them for 2 minutes again at some point like i used to. 🙂



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