My First run in 10 Months!

Today i had my first run since becoming pregnant and giving Birth! So my first run in 10 months.  1235291_234724346680370_583840264_n

I have been itching for WEEKS to go run but i was good and waited for the Doctors all clear to say i could exercise again.

Yesterday i was pretty much bouncing off the walls wanting to get outside and run. And it kind of drove me a bit crazy having to wait until today.

So today I pulled out my running clothes and found a big top to wear & my running pants which i used before i lost weight when i very first started running. Everything else i have is all size 10 and im a large size 12 at the moment so they were all tight.

I then had to find my running socks which were at the bottom of my sock draw, hair band etc so it took a while to get ready.

After all this i discovered i couldnt find my good headphones and mini ipod! eek panic! I looked everywhere knowing i had packed them for the hospital but couldnt remember where i had put them once home. :/

In the end i had to use my old ipod and a pair of earphones which only worked in one ear! but it was better than nothing and allowed me to have the music i needed. 🙂

It was kind of exciting and frightening lacing up my trainers and getting ready to go out to the park. As in my head my running is where i left it where i could run 10km but physically i don’t know if my body can run that distance at the moment which it probably cannot.


So this was just going to be test run i wasnt following any training plans yet this was just a run to see if i could run, how far, how it felt, slow and steady etc.

I made sure i did a bit of stretching just before i headed outside to warm up my muscles. And left Alex and Peanut to have some daughter, father time togeather even though she was asleep. 🙂

Once in the park my music and Garmin went on and off i started! It didnt go to badly i can feel the fitness still there even though i did have to run/walk but mostly run at a very slow pace. I did speed up several times as my legs remembered the pace i used to be able to run but i had to slow down again as this just made me tired.

I must admit i half enjoyed the run and part of me hated it! I know i did better than i thought i would but i still wish i could have done a bit better even if it is only almost 6 weeks since giving Birth.

I did get an achey pain in my left shoulder and my left knee and when i finished with the run i found a light pain in my right side from lack of drinking enough water before going out. I also felt dizzy and very tired, the tiredness probably from lack of sleep mostly catching up with me.

I walked home and straight into the fray as Peanut was awake and Alex saying we needed to give her a bath! Apparently she had woken up the moment i had left the building! lol

So i didnt have time to stretch at all or even to think it was dashing to get changed then help him bath her. Then i had to amuse her for 20 minutes before feeding her then doing the more than 10 minutes of rocking and burping.

So i didnt even get a chance to think about my first run or anything else apart from just feeling very very tired…sigh. We just seem to be running round like head-less chickens alot trying to get things done every weekend.

I do know i will get to run on weekends when Alex is home that is for certain but week days im not so sure now…..

Its 7 – 7.30pm when Alex gets home now and its already dark outside. I have to make dinner then i tend to go have a nap at 8.30/9pm until 11pm so i get a rest before the night feedings.

The other option is to get up at 6am which im doing already to feed Peanut then go run again in the dark but again its not the best thing….

So im not sure about my options quite yet! Although Alex will be getting the 2 hours off a day from December for 1 year so he will be home earlier then and maybe it will be easier at that point!

I do know when Peanut gets to 3 months and can lift her head up then she can go in a jogging stroller if i managed to get one some how!

Theres one on for £119.99 which looks quite nice  Although on the there 500 euros!! crazy prices!! no thanks! lol

This would mean i could go running in the day no problem with Peanut for company! 🙂 So im giving that some thought for sure if i can get one from the UK 🙂

Im going to see how my body feels Tomorrow and i might go for a run again 🙂 Also my Mum and Sister visit this next week so i will squeeze as many runs as i can in when they are here! 😉



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Scribbler
    Oct 19, 2013 @ 11:45:44

    Congratulations on your first run post Peanut! It sounds like you’ll find a way to fit it into your day somehow. It’s great that you want to get out there. I get up early and run, even when it’s still dark, but I have a safe place, with streetlights where I run. Just keep it going, easy and slow and you’ll soon be back running like you used to. Good luck!


  2. ciro1
    Oct 20, 2013 @ 11:05:29

    The little park outside does have lights but there not Always on so i have to check i guess. Plus the lack of sleep doesnt help but weekends i guess are better than nothing. thanks 😀 x


  3. Cath
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 08:48:03

    Hi – I bought my last pushchair from the UK from this site: Delivery was cheap and quick – just a thought!


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