La Corsa Dei Santi 3km Race..Kind of..

So as i said on my post on monday im following a training plan and week 2 will be finished on sunday. 🙂 goals

Monday was a 2 mile powerwalk with Peanut in the park which went really well! We both really enjoyed it and i could really feel my legs, lower abs and thighs working.

I didnt manage to go out with her again..i know im lazy lol but i have a reason. 😉


My friend Jenny was doing the La Corsa Dei Santi 10km proffesional run on friday and she mentioned the 3km fun run on the same day.

I kinda got excited by the idea of going to do the race even if i was just walk/running but it would cover the 3 miles i needed to do for my next workout!

I was lucky to find out about it on Wednesday which ment i had 3 days left to sign up (which included race day).

I couldnt go and pick my bib up in the week because of Peanut so i decided to get it early on the day of the race. So i signed up and planned to go early today which is friday to pay and get the Bib and head to St Pietro (St Peter’s Square) where the race would be starting. 🙂

Luckily for me the day of the race was a bank Holiday friday (today) so Alex was happy to stay at home with Peanut and let me take part in the race yay!!

I had packed my race bag on thursday morning while Peanut was napping as i had no other time. It was due to rain so i packed an umbrella, rain coat, water and some biscuits incase i needed them.

Also money to pay for the metro, race and the instructions  with a map to get to the place to pick up my bib! I was all set! 😀

So this morning i was up early anyway feeding Peanut so after her feed i got ready for my race. Pick up time for the Bib was 7.30am to 9am and the 3km race started at 10.10am.  1391953_655309084520143_1487085809_n

So i headed out at 7.30am to get the metro to the Octtaviano metro stop and do the 15 minutes walk to the place.

The race started at St Peter’s Square so it was all pretty close togeather and i saw plenty of other runners heading that way.

So i followed my map and instructions to terminal gianicolo which is where it said on their internet site where the bib pick up would be on the 5th floor. I had to ask directions at one point but found my way there easily enough. When i got into the lift i discovered it only went to the 4th floor!

So after going up i found there was no stairs up  to the 5th floor and i was in an indoor carpark! Again i had to ask directions grrr and finally after a search found the only set of stairs up to the place.

There was alot of people here collecting their packs and i had to wait 15 minutes until i got to the head of the queue. Only then did i discover they didnt do the bib’s for the non competitve 3km race! oh no that was back at St Pietro’s! grrrr!!!!


I told the woman their website had indicated it was at terminal gianicolo but she just apologised and said it was wrong! And so i had to powerwalk back to the square (by now i think i had power walked at least 2 miles!)

It was 9.25am and i was certain the pick up place would be closed but i was very happy to discover it was still open YAY! I paid got my Bib and goodie bag and went for a wander around.

I was going to meet up with my friend Jenny but she was busy with her running Group who all do the races togeather so we made plans to meet after the race.

I had to use the porta loo which 20 minutes before the race is a really bad idea as it was completely disgusting! yuk!

Then it was race time and i lined up almost at the back with some other 3km runners who were wearing the White bib (10k people had a red bib). The music started a cheer went up and we were off! 😀 IMAG2249

I did alot of walk/running and was quite happy with my progress, i did get some stitch 1 and half miles in so had to walk more for a while and drink some water.

I was having a really good time feeling really happy listening to my music and getting into the race so it didnt really register until i hit 3km’s there was no finish line insight…..

Infact i was up near the colosseum!!! It was then that it hit me..holy crap i was in the 10km race!!! And it had happened to not just me other 3km runners had done it to!

By now i was lagging behind and i didnt have a clue where i was going as i didnt know the route for the 10km race 😦

I managed to fight it out until 4 miles but by then i had really bad stitch and my right foot was cramping so bad i couldnt walk properly let alone run. I found myself on Via Cavour and decided to call it quits (my actual thought was screw this lol)  as i wasnt far from  a metro and could hobble home.

My friend Jenny rang me asking me where i was as we had planned to meet afterwards and i explained to her what had happened (which was the same thing that happened to her last year but she was fit enough to finish the 10k).

She asked me if i was ok then went to ask at the finish line if i could still have a medal! (bless her heart!) She had to run over the finish line for me and they gave her my medal! Yippiee!


So next time i see her i will be presented with my new shiny! 😀

I managed to hobble home and made the mistake of sitting down on the metro so everything stiffened up (ouchie) And then i got a bit light headed once i got home as it was lunch time and i needed food.

My thighs, hips and lower back are aching alot at the moment and also my ankles a little but everything else feels ok 🙂 Not to bad for someone who hasnt run in 10 months.

It was hard but i really enjoyed the race even if it was a bit of a disaster! It was so good to be racing again with others and i really feel motivated again now. So i will be carrying on training as soon as i can walk properly again LOL!

I know i can get back to running 10km’s i have done it before and i can do it again! It might be a bit harder now with Peanut but im still going to keep up with my running.

On another note Peanut recieved a parcel on wednesday from a friend of mine in London! He had bought her some cute little onesie outfits as a gift and one was a polar bear outfit with little ears!! And we both love then to bits! They dont fit her yet but by Christmas or after the Newyear im sure they will 😀



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