Christmas is Coming..

Can you believe its only 5 more weekends until Christmas?!? Its gone so fast! im not prepared! eek!  523492_354535841349759_1384780324_n

I generally get a bit depressed over Christmas as i miss my family and Christmas with them was/is always fun with the turkey, present giving, chocolates and normal crazyness that is my family. Its even more depressing watching it all happen for an hour on the webcam through Skype as we chat that day to. Although they have Christmas 2 weeks early as everyone has to be somewhere else on the actual day lol.

So Christmas for me for the last 5 years of being in Italy has been sad in places 😦 Rarely its been me and Alex though we do get to see friends! 🙂

Quite a few Christmas day’s we have spent time with my best friend Jess and her family-in-laws here in Roma and that does cheer me up alot. Their friendly, noisy and very welcoming and remind me of my own family in a way! Plus i get to spend time with Jess who i dont Always get to see as she lives in France now.

This Christmas should be different for me as we have Peanut now and its her first Christmas even if she doesnt realise whats going on. 🙂 Im not sure what she will make of the noisy Italian’s we will be spending it with but im sure she will love her Aunty Jess!

So thats something to look forwards to although im still going to miss roast turkey as Italian’s dont eat it at Christmas! (i will blog about that another time).

Anyway i found some cute ideas for leading up to Christmas for the month of December and decided to share them so here they are: 🙂

1461057_570973549639985_1453959778_n Christmas Experiences

“Experiences” rather than “things” for countdown to Christmas with your kids 🙂 or i guess even for yourself! lol

So nice things i can think of are: Go see the Christmas lights/tree in the centre of Roma, Make Christmas cakes, go see the snow (sometimes theres snow outside of Roma), Put the Christmas decorations up, go see Santa, etc.

Christmas Sock Snowman

The next one is if you have old socks you dont want anymore you can re-use them by making sock snowmen! Really cute idea for Christmas decorations or even use them as small presents as stocking fillers! 🙂 1391745_624361874276343_750285406_n

Sitck Candle Holders

Again a nice idea for yourself or the kids! Collect sticks and superglue them around a glass to make a crafty candle holder which looks quite festive 🙂 Although its recommended you use the fake candle flicker lights inside them as you dont want to cause a fire! You can buy LED tealight candles from Amazon and there not very expensive.

Box Play House

Usually at Christmas you get stuck with all the empty left over boxes all the presents have come in and so this box play house is a great idea! You can give them new life and re-use them and make your little one happy at the same time 🙂 Then when he/she gets bored of it you can easily just put it out for recycling! easy 🙂1458582_573331592722159_1484498038_n

Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas tree that a toddler can decorate over and over which is a Cute idea especially if you dont or cant have a real tree! I like this idea alot as we dont have a tree because of our cat Ciro and so this is a great idea for Peanut in the future. 🙂

b34b3dbbf0ba0e10c484945577fd037a Cut a big piece of felt into the shape of a tree and then use different coloured felt to make the star and decorations. You can find double back tape or special felt tape to attach the pieces temporarily.


So alot of creative ideas on the lead up to Christmas which i think are all alot of fun and again i can’t wait to be able to do some of these with Peanut! 🙂 Maybe next Christmas we can do a few!


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