One Big Fat Run in November

I have been having a little trouble with time and motivation lately getting back into running. Its not easy with a baby alot of my time is occupied looking after Peanut and when i do get time to myself i generally want to sleep. 1379287_458774807573475_1418767381_n

Yes i guess this is kind of an excuse and i could do a bit better to get out and run even a short distance on the weekends. But lately when i come to think about going out i just get depressed…

I have run about 3 times so far in 9 weeks (since giving Birth) and im worried i have lost my running mojo! 😦

So when i saw that someone i follow on Twitter was doing an online running event the end of each month i decided to sign up and get some motivation back.

@Fattymustrun (Julie)  is an overweight running Mum who is on a mission to get other overweight people running! And her blog is very inspiring! Also the fact she’s a Mum with a baby is something i can relate to as she to knows the ups and downs of being a parent and not having much time. 🙂

I really wish her blog had existed back in 2011 or i had found it then when i first started my running journey and was very overweight and out of shape! As i know how scary it is to start running for the first time when all the other runners in the park are all in better shape than you!

Your desperate to lose weight and want to run but to self conscious of what you think you will look like running. Also the worry of what the other people in the park will think when they see you or what they might say..its hard….very hard!

I love the way Julie is out to inspire other big girls to get running and not worry about what other people think. And i really look forwards to each of her new blog posts which you can subscribe to on her blog:

She does workshops to help motivate those who don’t know where to start or dont have the confidence yet to get out there and run.

And she’s also organised this online event as i have said on the last sunday of every month to get people back into running and motivated!

She has a facebook page ‘The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running’ and blogs about her runs and races.

She also has an E-book out on Amazon on how to train/run for a 10k in 10 simple ways in 10 weeks! 🙂 It doesnt cost much and handy and helpful if you want to train for a 10km race.

I like the way shes focused more on the running and its not about speed. It doesnt matter how slow you go as long as your running!

So far 75 people have signed up for the Sunday 5km run and im kind of looking forwards to it 🙂 Hopefully this should give me the push i need to start losing this left over baby weight!

I have lost alot but there’s still some wiggles and jiggles and my belly to work on!

So lets see how this Sunday goes and i will blog about the run after its done. 🙂

I think i will sign up for this each month as it will be fun and its nice to run with others even if its a virtual event lol

Also it will help me with my training for these races im going to be doing near Christmas as im starting to run out of time!

If you want to start running and not sure where to start i really recommend Julie’s blog, advice and book as i have said its inspiring! 🙂



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