Roma, Rain & Sardinia

There was flooding in sardinia on monday due to rivers breaking there banks from the heavy rains! Bridges were swept away, power lines were downed and hundreds of homes flooded!                   untitled2

18 people died while others had to seek shelter as they were bombarded with 6 months of rain in 24 hours triggered by a mediterranean cyclone.

Some people are still missing but the Emergency services have apparently moved fast in helping people there.

I cannot imagine the fear which they must have gone through with that much water descending upon them! And so close to Christmas as well…It makes me sad when things like this happen here in Italy as its now my home  😦

Roma hasnt escaped either with over 36 hours of rain so far especially at night with huge thunderstorms and strong winds! The Thunder has been so loud the whole place has been shaking and its been scary. (Peanut managed to sleep through most of it lol)

And now the river Tevere (Tiber) is very high against its banks and being closely watched hour by hour! And the bike paths and walking paths next to the river have been closed.

It really doesnt make you want to go out when at any minute it could suddenly pour down especially not with a small child.Take this morning it was lovely blue sky but now its clouded over and raining again in parts of Roma! And the rain is still forecast for the next 4 days as well!

untitledIt reminds me of 4 years ago also around December when we had heavy rains here in Roma for just over a month.

The rain was non stop for days and it was cold and depressing! We had alot of floodings and people lost their lives. Again the river Tevere (Tiber) was dangerously high! Parts of the Metro became flooded and some areas of Roma you couldnt get to.

People stayed indoors in the warm where it was safe, fearful of the rain and water.

I remember it well as that December we were due to go see Ciro my cat as a kitten before we chose him. We had to wait 2 weeks before we could see him as he was in a part of Roma which was flooded.

The river is near the little park i run in and i remember looking out the window watching it swell and top closer and closer up its banks the more it rained! Everyone was very relieved when all the rain finally stopped and the rivers subsided back to normal.

I hope we dont have a repeat of that year it was scary enough at the time.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Nov 21, 2013 @ 20:39:30

    Nice story. Strange weather all over the World these days. Are the pictures new?


    • ciro1
      Nov 22, 2013 @ 09:23:37

      First pic is from Sardinia on monday, middle is from 4 years ago when the river Tiber was swollen in Roma and last pic is from this week in Roma 🙂 Yes very crazy weather everywhere lately!


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