Etna the fiery Giant

Living in Italy is very different from living in the UK for example you dont really have to deal with Earthquakes and active Volcano’s in England!


But here in the news lately Mount Eta has been having her latest eruption in Sicily and lighting up the night sky with her Eruzione-notturnabreath taking lava show! She’s the tallest active volcano on the European contient and the highest mountain in Italy South of the Alps.

A few expats i know who live in that area have been talking about it alot and one even went to see the eruptions! Which she said was completely amazing and breath taking!

Another Expat had and saw the ash clouds 100km from the actual Volcano!

Im not sure i would want to live so close to an active volcano myself but im a bit jealous they got to see it! I would infact love to visit one day either Etna or Vesuvius which is near Naples.

I have heard you can take some of the cooled lava home as a keep sake! And at Mount Vesuvius you can climb one of the craters and see the view. This can also be done at Etna to apparently and theres lots of walking and climbing involved.

I did get to see Mount Vesuvius in the distance once when i visited Pompeii in 2010 and even at a distance you could feel its brooding presence.

untitledSo far no one has been evacuated around Enta as the recent lava flow was not near any houses.

The photo’s and news footage i have seen are amazing as she sends up plumes of smoke and ash lit by the burning orange of her fiery lava.

Luckily though she hasnt had a major eruption since 1992 although she is almost constantly active!

In greek mythology Etna was supposed to be where the God Hephaestus had his forges with his cyclops and made the thunderbolt for the God Zeus!

It is also said Zeus buried a giant beneath Mount Etna and in other stories it was the monster Typhon he trapped there.

The name Typhon is derived from the Greek (typhein) which means to smoke which is very interesting as Etna has huge ash clouds and smokes alot.

Things like this and the recent Mediterranean cyclone really remind you of the power of nature!

Both beautiful, breath-taking, terrible and destructive all at the same time.


Lava spews from a crater of the giant Et


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  1. lukefisher1
    Nov 26, 2013 @ 20:41:21

    This looks amazing, wish I could see it. But I also wouldn’t want to live near it.


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