Food Review: Haus Garten Bagel Bar & First ever tweet meet

So Saturday i went into central Roma to meet up with a twitter friend Nerys who’s a blogger to 🙂 My first twitter meet up with one of the expats i have made friends with on there. ( her blog: )

She was down from Milan for the weekend to explore Roma (not her first time here though) and i asked if she wanted to have a meet up which she agreed to. I was really happy to finally get to meet Nerys i love her blog and reading about her adventures in Milan and other places she visits!    IMAG2349

I decided it would be a good chance to try out the Haus Garten Bagel Bar at the same time as it was a special occasion. I wasn’t sure if they did bagel’s in Milan as its a new thing here in Roma but she agreed to try it out with me.

I was wrapped up in my Roma University hoodie which is suprisingly warm, coat, jogging bottoms and Ugg like boots to keep out the winter chill. (Its bloomin cold here now!)

We met at Piazza del Popolo then got the Metro one stop to Lepanto which was the closest stop to the Bagel place. I had a trusty map with me i had printed out and after a walk we were there. There was a little sign outside and we almost walked past it until Nerys pointed out it was the bagel place!

The Bagel bar isn’t on the main high streets its a little bit of a walk but we found it easy enough to get to.

I was very excited to finally be trying out this place so had high expectations!

As we ventured inside we found only 4 other customers sitting having lunch as it was 1.30pm and so we decided to sit in the inside area which had walls of glass so you could see the outside tables to. It was a small place but kind of hip looking with fake Yellow deer heads on the wall and weird but cool pictures on the ceiling.

The menu’s were on a board held on by a clip so you could flip through the pages and see what you liked! There was alot of choice for the bagels from fish, meats to stuff for vegetarians etc.


You could also have side stuff like baked potatoes, garlic bread, coleslaw, corn on the cob etc. There were also salads, wraps, a club sandwich and a selection of enchilada’s and chili con carne.

I decided on the Turkey bagel with BBQ sauce and salad inside with a side of spicy potatoes and Nerys had the Salmon bagel with Philadelphia inside also with a side of spicy potatoes. (as you can see in the pic of Nerys)

I have to say i really enjoyed my bagel it was heavenly! The BBQ sauce was so good and just enough and not over powering and went so well with the turkey. Nerys really enjoyed her Salmon bagel as well very much.

We chatted away happily about Milan, Roma, life and expat stuff and i really enjoyed my lunch with her and yes they do have a few bagel places in Milan!. It was so nice to meet her and put a face to the blogger at last. I think we got on really well and it was so interesting to hear about Milan, her work and what foods we both miss from the UK.

IMAG2350  IMAG2351Afterwards i treated myself and Nerys to pancakes with syrup hmmmm so good!! Another big tick for this new place the desserts had a nice assortment to like cheesecake, brownies, waffles, apple pie, donuts! 😉

When the woman came to take our dessert order and i said pancakes she asked if we wanted one!? Me and Nerys looked at eachother and i said one each please heehee.

Not sure why we would only want one dessert to share? This was a treat we wanted one each and im so glad we did they were really good!

And everything togeather was very filling but it wasnt over filling if you know what i mean.


We noticed that when it reached 2pm the place suddenly became busier to the point it was almost packed and they were putting on the outside heaters for the seating outside.

I did really like the place and the service was good, friendly and the food came fast we didnt have to wait very long at all. The waitress also spoke english when she realised we werent Italian.

The bagels were 7.50 euros and the pancakes were 5 euros so in the end it wasnt to bad for a nice lunch out and i would go eat there again as i really liked it alot. The bill came with a bagel shaped card which had the name and address of the place on and i gave it to Nerys as it was funny.

Afterwards we headed back towards the metro and found a small Christmas market with white tents and so we decided to have a wander around and have a look. There were lots of Christmas things for sale like decorations, calenders etc and even some antiques.

We stopped next to a stall that was selling knitted zippy jumpers and i immediately fell in love with a little yellow one which had the sun knitted on it with little animals! It was perfect for Peanut as her first Christmas gift from me and so i bought it.

Once we got to the metro Nerys and i said our good byes and she said she might come again in spring and we could meet up again. I said i would keep an eye out for other nice places we could go have lunch at for next time.

Im really happy we met up i had a really nice time and a very enjoyable lunch with very good company! 🙂 Im Always very happy to meet up with other expats and really enjoyed my first twitter meet up very much.



Haus Garten Bagel Bar

Piazza Monte Grappa 1, 00195

Rome, Italy


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