Android Apps – New Phone

So i have been saving up for a new phone and with Alex giving me a little money for my Christmas pressie i finally  had enough and was able to buy it yesterday. 🙂 images88KHVDA5

I went for the Samsung Galaxy S3 as i have heard really good things about it, big screen, fast internet connection, good for photos & videos. My old phone is an HTC Wildfire and i have had it about 3 years and its become really slow so i wanted something new and fast.

Its funny how you can buy something tech wise now and in a few years its suddenly so out of date! Even my Ipad wont take updates from Itunes anymore as its first generation and thats as far as it will go so it wont take some of the newer apps now 😦 Not that im to bothered about that as i love my Ipad and generally use it to read PDF books and check websites and FB, Twitter etc.

It was easy for me to find some covers for my Samsung in one of the ‘everything’ shops we have here which sell a range of things from stationary, toys, phone covers, radio’s, photo frames, kitchen stuff, pet stuff, etc.

So i bought a really cute back hard cover with little owls over it (im into little birds designs) and a front cover as well which is to protect the phones screen. Im pretty sure i will find some other cute covers for the phone so i will have a look around at some point. My HTC was never designed to have the hard cover backs you can buy so its actually nice to be able to do that now and make my phone a little bit more personal. 🙂

But Alex also bought me the Samsung cover with the phone and it seems to protect the phone screen much better so we shall see.


I have also been researching which are the most fun and useful apps to have on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and this is what i have found:

Facebook Home: Is the new Facebook app which lets you use facebook much more easily it also can make your phone screensaver a gallery of all the new pic and posts on FB. (tried this and didnt like it as it locked the phone each time and i found unlocking it very fiddly so im sticking with normal Facebook)

Chrome: is of course a desktop web browser.

Sketchbook Mobile express: paint and draw app which has a full set of sketching tools.

Quickpic: arranges your photos into folders, easy to use and shows you your pics in a gallery or grid.

Osmos HD: Is a game where you are an amobae who has to eat their way to becoming bigger while avoiding other bigger amobae who will eat you to. It sounds weird but it looks actually kinda fun.

Vine: you can make six seconds videos which can be looped like animated GIF’s.

Twitter: Same as normal twitter makes it easy to tweet while you are out and about.

Fluid Wallpaper: cool wallpaper for your phone which moves! So far i have seen a raindrop wallpaper which ripples when you touch it and a tree which slowly loses its Leaves. But if you search there are many different types of free apps for these. ( i have already found some cute fun animation ones)

Paper Camera: you can view the different image effects before you take the photo! This i think is very clever, very different and you can see the different range of wacky filters they have like cartoon or you can accentuate contours.

WordPress: good for typing up quick ideas for your blog to look at them later on your PC/Laptop before blogging properly.

Instagram: I have been wanting to get this for a while as i think it might make it easier to put pics on FB & Twitter 🙂

BabyGames: designed for babies 9 to 18 months, where the child can make the different objects move on the screen while it plays a nice sound.

Baby Explorer: has 17 games in one, with animated numbers and letters, animals and the sounds they make, shapes and colours, puzzles, matching games with fruits and many more activites.

Baby Learning Cards: This app can help your child learn animals, fruits, vegetables, sports etc and each card has a sound to make it easy to remember.

I really like having the social network apps on my phone so when im out and about i can still stay connected to my friends and family. Im not really very into phone app games as i tend to get bored but the few i have chosen seem really good and i think will keep me amused when i need them.

I wanted a few childrens apps to keep Peanut happy when we are out incase she gets bored and she loves anything with music, shapes and lights so they will be useful to.

Do you have any Android apps that you think are really fun or useful? I would love to know of anymore you might like i might like to add to my apps 🙂



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