3 months old today

My name is Peanut and today im 3 months old and getting very big!             IMG_0148

At 4 weeks old i started making noises back to my Mommy & Papà in communication, little gurgles, babbles and grunts!

When i was unhappy with a wet nappy or very upset i made a deep hmmm sound to let them know.

But im always smiling and am a happy little thing and rarely cry at all.

Mommy says my personality is really starting to come out, as i like my own way. But i do love cuddles, kisses and i  love to chat back at my parents now when they talk to me. (Im a little chatterbox)

Mommy talks to me in English and Papà talks to me in Italian they say its so when im bigger i will be able to speak both languages. I think its very funny and laugh at them alot.

At 8 weeks i started putting my hand in my mouth and at 9 weeks i discovered i could grip things in my hands! Also at 9 weeks i started to laugh properly mostly at Papà as hes very funny!

Now im bigger i make alot more noises and my favorite word is ‘agoop’ i like to use this alot! I have my own set of baby noises/words which i make for different things now.

I took hold of my rattle for the first time all by myself at 10 weeks & then the next day  i was reaching out touching the mobiles on my play mat. 🙂 Now i can grab at things, touch things and have discovered my nose and that my finger can go up it lol


At 11 weeks i reached out and touched Mommy’s face for the first time which almost made her cry and so now i touch her face when ever i can. I don’t like it when i can’t see her or if i think she’s far away and i get a bit upset about it.

I also found my thumb and that i like to suck on it alot for comfort or when i go to sleep and its much better than my dummy which i dont really like anymore 🙂

994980_10152074232808594_1730267214_n12 weeks old i found i could hit my turtle mobile above me on my play mat and watch it in the big mirror beside me which was alot of fun! I like drooling alot now to and Papà says i might be teething soon.

I also have started to put things in my mouth if i can get hold off them! My favorite things are my two toy rabbits! One is pink which Mommy got me and the other one is furry, white and soft which my Aunty Jenny here in Roma gave me.

I had my very first cold at the end of 12 weeks and im still getting over it! I don’t like it very much and find it a bit scary as my little nose is all blocked but Mommy says not to worry and makes me smile.

I really love music and love watching/listening to Glee on tv and i get upset if anyone tries to move me while its on! 🙂

Mommy says im not a chunky baby at all im very long still with long legs 🙂 She can’t believe how quickly im growing!

Each week im changing which is truely amazing and my parents are so proud of me.

They are taking photos and making little videos week by week so they can see the changes and progresses im having. And they send them to my whole family in the UK who love to see them.

We also Skype alot with my Nonni/Grandparent’s and family as they dont want to miss a thing with me the newest member of the family.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 22:51:41

    Your posts on Peanut have to be some of the most articulate that I ever remember reading. Every word emphasizes your great love for her.


  2. ciro1
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 08:32:29

    aww thanks 🙂 I do love her very much even though its still a bit overwhelming at times lol


  3. Cath
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 13:00:49

    Gorgeous girl!


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