Italian Cake, Food & Christmas

So its almost Christmas and we have been reciving some free Christmas goodies that we get every year 🙂 Mostly the two different types of Italian Christmas cakes they have here in Italy and loads of food!


Panettone is a type of fruit cake/sweet bread and its very very nice! Its origins are from Milan and one of the symbols of the city. You can by a plain type or one with chocolate but its normally the plain type we get, although this year we got chocolate to!!

Pandoro is a type of sweet yeast bread/cake and its origins are from Verona 🙂 Its normally in the shape of an 8 pointed star and very tall. Usually it comes with a little bag of vanilla or icining sugar which you add to the bag the cake is in then shake it gently. The pandoro becomes covered in it and its supposed to resemble the snow on the Italian Alps.

I really like both of these cakes! 🙂 They are both very good but i have to say i enjoy the pandoro more than the other one.

I never really liked Christmas pudding in the UK i didnt mind a little bit but that was it as it could be a little overwhelming. And as for mince pies.. yuk..didnt like them at all so its nice to have something i can enjoy at Christmas here in Italy.

So far we have a lot of Pandoro and panettone and as you can guess we aren’t going to be able to eat them all! Its just way to much cake!! ( I can’t believe i just wrote that lol)

And so when we visit friends over the Christmas and Newyear we will take some cakes with us and spread the cake love lol along with some wine. 🙂

Also theres traditional Christmas chocolate yummy which is really good and called Torrone or Nougat. Many different varities of this exist we usually end up with the chocolate version with nuts inside (hazelnuts/almonds) and a white version with nougat and pistachios.                                                                            1386765616876

I like the chocolate version the best with the nuts in as its softer, the white version tends to be more chewy. You can also buy smaller bars of this throughout the year if you really like it alot like i do.

We have also recieved lots of biscuits (Biscotti) which are always nice to munch on as we dont usually buy this type the rest of the year.

Also we have Cantucci biscotti (biscuits) which origins come from the city of Prato here in Italy. They are Almond oblong shaped biscuits which are dry and crunchy. They are usually an after dinner biscuit which you dip into wine. (biscuits pictured right).

We also have boxes of pasta, sweets and some bottles of wine which always come in handy! 😉

I also enjoy eating the different types of Salame we recieve as well although there not something you can keep for long.



The several huge blocks of pamigiano we get we also share with friends and the olive oil is always useful for through-out the year for cooking.

The more unusual thing we have gotten have been the anchovies in oil with spicy red peppers, Apricot jam, Truffle cream sauce, sweet onion sauce and the list goes on! Although im not quite sure i would like some of these but we know people who do so luckily they wont be wasted! 🙂


So as you can imagine this will keep us knee deep in food, cake and chocolate way into the Newyear! lol.

I have also been showing all the different things to Peanut as next Christmas she should be old enough to enjoy eating it with us. 🙂

My little Pasta Princess!!



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