Falling Apart but getting better :)

So i have been having problems with my back since giving Birth 😦 I have had back ache on and off since then in varying degree’s of pain from slight ache to really hurting badly when i bend over. Sunday evening my back finally decided to go and i was in absolute agony! Seriously i could not get up from a laying position if i did it was agonising pain, i couldnt stand straight and needed to use the wall and furniture to move about. And believe me its no fun when you need someone to physically help you move about.

Thank god I decided not to start running again until January and had already decided not to run the 3 races I had planned to do next week and on new years eve!

So monday Alex went to the Doctors for me to find out what could be done for me and was told injections of muscle relaxant and a pain killer once for 5 days would help take down any inflamation. And so i had the lovely experience off having an injection in the bum as thats the fastest place for  it to work 😦 (not fun) Within an hour i could stand up with less pain but it was still a struggle.  h4C0038D9

Then that lunch time my last and only wisdom tooth decided it would try and start to come through! grrrr So I ended up being in pain in two areas!! And it sucked as I couldn’t hold Peanut or feed her or play with as I had to rest.

Several friends offered help over Facebook when Alex posted what happened and our friend Patricia who lives right near us came over. She sat with me and Peanut while Alex ran around doing the food shopping etc in the morning for 5 days.

Wednesday we went to the dentist and we discovered I also had a gum infection so had to have a heavy dose of antibiotics. The dentist also said they could take the wisdom tooth out when my back was better and the infection was gone.

So Thursday my back was worse again probably from all the movement to the dentist’s and back. My Doctor was concerned my back might be a hernia as I have had a couple of back problems in the past. So I was starting to get really worried even though I had read after giving birth women can have a lot of back problems.

We had an osteopath coming over in the evening and I wanted to see what he thought. It was really interesting to see him work after a long chat about what happened, he even had a move to see if it was a hernia which it isn’t. (yay)

He did say I was twisted to the left and was using my hips to much when I moved and not my upper part. I explained about my left hip being out of alignment and he said it could be fixed. So I have a ligament which is twisted and causing all my problems! The Osteopath said he had a lot of new mums with the same problem because of what our bodies go through with pregnancy and labor.

After 30 minutes of treatment he helped me up and all stiffness and pain in my back were gone 🙂 My hips felt a little weird as they were aligned properly but everything was good.


He said I would need to go see him 3-4 more times then once every 4 months and that was it and would help for my running to.

So today apart from a little stiffness my back is fine although I still have to rest some days and im not allowed to bend or lift anything. I see the osteopath again next week and am looking forwards to it.

My gum/wisdom tooth feels much better from the antibiotic and the swelling has all gone down. So no more pain when I eat or drink or talk yay.

So things are looking up and it might be a merry christmas after all 😀


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  1. Chris V
    Dec 30, 2013 @ 14:18:01

    Have you thought of solutions for the back that don’t involve doctors? Pain killers are only a short term solution really. We see a lot of people helping relieve back pain through yoga, exercise and stretching. I don’t know about the tooth but Peanut might be happy!


    • ciro1
      Dec 30, 2013 @ 15:25:06

      Im going to try yoga once it stops aching 🙂 I haven’t been taking any painkillers since it happened as I hate taking them but the osteopath im seeing does seem to be helping. Peanut will be teething properly soon so I already know how that feels poor baby! :/


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