Christmas Italian Style (sort of)

imagesSo here in Italy Christmas dinner is a completely different affair than it is in the UK! For a start we dont eat turkey here which makes me a little sad as i did enjoy my roast turkey dinner back in the UK with roast potatoes and veggies! (I make sure i have a lot of roast dinners when i visit the UK to make up for it! ;P )

Christmas eve here in Italy we eat pesce (fish) or seafood to celebrate the ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’ (also know as the Vigil). This tradition dates from the Roman Catholic church.

Christmas day the meal starts with pasta usually lasagne or cannelloni (from what i have seen anyway) and then comes the meat dish which is usually agnello ( lamb), then vegetables, salad, bread and then finally for dessert the Christmas cakes and chocolate.

This year we decided to have a quiet Christmas in because of my bad back so stayed happily at home. Peanut didn’t really notice or worry as she’s so small. We did stick with the Italian traditions and had fish on Christmas eve for dinner! It was Birdseye frozen battered Merluzzo (cod) with spinach so that still counts heehee. (Im sure other Italians would be horrified 😛 )

I did feel slightly guilty that we were having frozen ready made fish after seeing all the posts and photos on Facebook and Twitter of food from Italian and Expat friends. But hey it was just us and we dont mind to much especially as we wanted something easy and not hard to make.

Christmas day we decided to have meat for lunch but decided on steak instead of lamb with oven chips. And then we had pasta carbonara for dinner. We ended up watching more Christmas movies on Sky tv which we have been doing all last week. Peanut was going crazy over them and loved all the Christmas cartoons and the Muppets Christmas Carol which was on.

I really love the Italian Christmas movies there so funny! And it’s always the same actors playing different characters 🙂 even if you don’t speak Italian you can easily work out what’s going on and enjoy them.

They remind me of the old British ‘Carry on’ movies which I used to watch when I was little.


The day after Christmas here in Italy is a Holiday as well but its not Boxing Day here something else is celebrated for the day which is called Santo Stefano (St Stephen). I was curious and decided to see what the day was about and from what i have read he was the first Christian Martyr.

So it was nice to have that day off to 🙂 We had Pandoro ( Italian Christmas cake) for breakfast which i really love and look forwards to each Christmas!

My friend Jenny came over for a visit with her husband and son which was really nice! 😀 I had a few little gift’s for her son for Christmas and they bought over some Macdonalds takeaway for lunch. It was something not Christmas-like but hey after Christmas huge lunches i know Italian’s like its always nice to have something different!

It was really lovely to see them and they loved to see how big Peanut had gotten since last time they had visited. The little boy who is 6yrs old was happy to make Peanut smile and amuse her. Peanut was very excited by this and she kept laughing as he jumped about and showed her his toys.

It was alot of fun to see them and have a nice long chat and spend the day with people 🙂 I found a nice interactive game online for children for my friend’s little boy and he really enjoyed the colouring games, coordination games etc. It was a little sad when it was time for them to go but i think we were all a bit tired after the last few days.

And so thats Christmas done for another year 🙂



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