Looking back at 2013

So this post i decided to reflect on 2013 before the Newyear comes: 🙂

Its funny how your life can change in a blink of an eye…i had planned to do my first Half Marathon this last march but then Peanut came along and my whole world changed.

You think you know what to expect from reading books, talking to other parents but honestly you really don’t. And when i say things change i really do mean completely, totally your life is never the same EVER.

I am very happy i am finally a Mom even though i dont get much time to myself anymore and theres never a boring moment. But it is hard work looking after a little person who is totally images4O4AE8TLdependant on you. Sometimes its non-stop and you dont have a moment to sit and breath but to me its all worth it. Even when im over tired from only sleeping  4 or 5 hours or stressed out, its worth it for the smiles, little laughs, cuddles and watching her grow.

Its been a long journey this year from January to now and it had a lot of ups and downs but im really happy to be where i finally am. 🙂 It’s been a year of many first’s for me in life and here in Italy and im glad i got a chance to experience most of them.

There’s only a tiny bit of regret that I had come so far with my running before getting pregnant and that i wasnt able to run this year at all and im out of shape. But a bigger part of me is now happy for the challenge to reach the fitness level i was before and also to get back into my size 10 jeans! lol

images5YVZF2XA I haven’t enjoyed the experience of my bad back at all but its lead me to seeing an Osteopath which is helping and i find it quite fascinating. I really think it will help with my running to once he sorts out the imbalance. 🙂

Im also really glad im a fast typer and can still keep up pretty much with my blog it would be a nightmare other wise trying to get it done between Peanuts naps lol. I find it much easier now to outline some of my blog posts a week in advance like this one as i kind of know what i already want to say and do with it 🙂

This year to i have seen friends come and go which has been both happy and sad moments but you never loose contact with the ones you connect with in a good way, people who you come to care about and who care for you. As you get older you come to realise what friendship means to you and no longer have time for the drama makers and those who say bad things behind your back but who are all smiles to your face.

And so im happy i have made new friends even those expats who have moved to live in other countries but who still stay connected with me via Facebook and Twitter. And of course all my Expat twitter friends i have found all over Italy and the running tweeters i talk to and follow! (love all you guys in my twitterverse)

Im a little sad we never had a proper holiday this year because i was pregnant but im looking forwards to the one’s in 2014!! There will be a lot of first times for Peanut like going to the UK and the Mountains! woohoo!

Im happy my Mum and Sister came to visit us twice this year as well to see us when i was pregnant and afterwards when Peanut was with us 😀 It made not having a Holiday more bearable.

I really can’t wait to see what next year will hold as again it will be alot of first times for all of us, especially little Peanut. 🙂

So here is a little round up of 2013 from photo’s from my blog:

January was enjoying new places to eat out with new Expat friends i had met through facebook and twitter. I also discovered i was pregnant and infact i had been 4 weeks pregnant when i had done my newyears 10k Werunrome race and not realised! So after that it was no more running for me at the request of our Doctor and so my running was put on hold.


February was rather slow, we had a bit of a scare with the pregnancy which was very worrying and i did little blog posts about how it was going that i wanted to save until  i was 3 months along. I ended up having a bad back on my Birthday mostly from sleeping on the sofa bed which i found more comfortable, later i enjoyed my favorite chocolates Alex bought me as a present. But later that month i had an amazing afternoon spent with a famous neigbour:)


March I missed my first HM (which was going to be RomaOstia HM) which i had been training for before January so i was sad to miss it but much more excited to announce my pregnancy at 3 months along. Also i met up with friends/other Expat mothers and again tried out new food places here in Roma which we decided to do once a month!


April was my 1 year wedding anniversay to my charming and lovely husband Alex 🙂 We both couldnt believe how quickly the time had flown by since the year before and how happy we are.  Also that month it was full of researching about pregnancy, reading up on what i was going to expect further with my symptoms & finding a good hospital/clinic.


May was finding 2nd hand baby clothes in the Bancarella (markets) here in Roma and slowly gathering more baby bits as we knew we were having a baby girl by now.I also was finding out about breastfeeding Groups here in Roma and activities for small children also here in Roma. I am quite impressed with all the things i have found for kids! groups, activities, english speaking playgroups, expat mum groups where you can arrange playdates or meet ups!


June was more food reviews (i like my food reviews), more pregnancy scans which i had been doing alot since January, Dr’s appointments, millions of blood tests and other pregnancy related tests they do here in Italy. i was also going through nesting and writing about tips on pregnancy. We had our first few prenatal classes at Santa Famiglia clinic here in Roma where i would give Birth which was fun and very interesting.


July i blogged about being 8 months pregnant and how i was feeling so far up until that point, choosing baby names was another blog post although we had already choosen a baby name at 3 months for our little one. Push presents intrigued me and i found out where to buy breastfeeding bra’s in Roma! Also i was becoming really excited and nervous as we were planning for the giving Birth.


August i read up on newborn babies to be prepared when Peanut was born (as i said above your never really prepared but some knowledge helps). I had alot of monitoring done each week to see how i was doing and if she was going to come early, on time or late. And i decided to get my hair cut for the big day so i could have some nice photos taken. I had to deal with a hormonal husband and began thinking about the foods i couldnt wait to eat again and hadnt been allowed during pregnancy.


September was an AMAZING month!!! Peanut finally arrived on the 9th September 1 day early and turned our lives upside down! The Whole experience was scary and wonderful all at the same time and im so glad i blogged about what i went through. The moment my water broke, the time in the hospital/clinic which seemed to pass so quickly and then finally giving Birth and meeting my daughter for the first time.


October i was coping with new motherhood and recovering after labor. There was lack of sleep looking after little Peanut who needed feeding every 2 hours or so. Life had changed in a big way and we were all adjusting to the new changes.I was also thinking about starting to run/exercise again or at least when i could do and had my Sister & Mum visit from the UK which was so nice as they both had a lot of advice and were a big help. They also bought over tons of baby clothes and other bits for Peanut which we really needed. I loved having them visit and going out and about with them shopping and watching them play with her and she loved the attention.


November was full of bad storms here all over Italy with high winds and floodings even here in Roma. The Volcano Etna was having a moan and launching smoke, lava and ash into the air in her part of Italy and the airports there were closed for a while. I did my first race after being pregnant which i shouldnt have really done and it ended up being a big mess but i was happy i still got a medal even if my friend had to get it for me. And of course the count down to Christmas began!


December i got a new phone woohoo finally! 🙂 found new apps like Vine, Instagram and some for taking awesome photos as i was now able to get onto the internet with the click of a button where ever i was which is very helpful! I had my first twitter meet up with an Expat from Milan who was visiting Roma for the weekend which was fun. More food reviews when i was out and about with friends and Peanut became 3 months old at the begining of this month! Where did the time go! She’s s0 big now and changing so much.

Then finally Christmas was here and the few days before the newyear. I really can’t wait to see what the next Newyear will bring 🙂



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