Happy Newyear & Resolutions 2014

Happy NewYear Everyone! 😀

I wish you all a good newyear and I hope it brings you happiness and adventure! 😀

This is my first post of 2014 woohoo! And so here are my newyears resolutions for 2014! I dont really have very many but lets see how many i can keep to/get done:

1) Run again                           imagesD646M7DG

2) do some races in Italy & England

3) Have fun with Peanut

4) Get back into shape

5) Visit some of my Expat friends here in Italy who dont live in Roma! 😉

6) Have fun, appreciate and enjoy life with Peanut and Alex.

2014 I plan to get back into shape and get some races done again and also i still have a half Marathon to complete at some point as i promised myself i would do at least one (if not more) in 2014 or 2015.

I also want to do some fun races here in Italy and also in the UK! I already have a few in mind but i will see how my getting back into shape goes first 🙂

Then of course there are things to do with Peanut like play dates with other children, play groups i have found, playing in the park, visiting family in the UK! Lots of things to look forwards to for all of us. 🙂

I really would like to get around to visiting/meeting more of my expat twitter friends this year which will be exciting! 😀

Last year was a little tense so i intend to have fun this year with Alex and Peanut! Do fun things, take it easy and just enjoy life and where we are right now.


I thought this pic was a cute way of thinking of some resolutions but i need to have a think for some of the answers:
A bad habit im going to break: For me this will have to be my posture as i dont stand correctly now since being pregnant!

A new skill i’d like to learn: Im Learning new skills all the time now im a Mom and this will continue lol

A person i hope to be more like: I dont have a clue for this on!

A good deed i’m going to do: I like to think i do my own share of good deeds when i can and will do some this year to.

A place i’d like to visit: The questions should be where dont i want to visit!! 😛 Hopefully lots of places in Italy this year!

A book i’d like to read: Im just happy when i do get time to read! but i will be on the hunt for any good titles.

A letter i’m going to write: I have been thinking about doing some letters for Peanut so she can read them when shes older 🙂

A new food i’d like to try: Im up for almost trying anything but dont have anything in mind at the moment.

 Im going to do better at: Learning/speaking Italian!

What would your answers be?

A year of firsts is what 2014 will hold for all of us and I’m really looking forwards to it!!



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