My running plan for this year & Next

So now i’ve been given the all clear to run again i have come up with a plan for this year. I know i might be jumping the gun slightly as i havent started running yet but i like to plan ahead for if all goes well πŸ™‚ 1005385_611781785519817_2025132980_n

Im planning to do several small non-competitive races here in Roma if i have the time for fun. I already kinda know which ones im thinking of already.

Then i want to focus on doing more runs in the UK when im visiting there in May and October as you can just pay for your run and do it and even pay on the day at some of them. (I have some really fun ones in mind already!).

Theres no messing about of having to get a Doctors note or anything like that and you pretty much always get a medal for the races. My younger sister has agreed to do some of them with me so thats even more fun for me with sisterly-bonding time.

I want to ease back into my fitness level i had before being pregnant and losing the left over baby weight. Basically i want some fun and just to find myself again through my running this year.

I also want to ease back into my weight training and yoga which i really enjoyed. I have already gone back to my clean eating which means no processed foods which i had been doing for several years before getting pregnant.

Its amazing how good you can feel from cutting out things like that and just making your own meals from scratch with fresh ingredients!

So thats my focus for this year 2014!

Next year in 2015 i will focus on doing my first Half Marathon and more professional races as they call them here in Italy. Which basically is running longer than 5km’s which is annoying if you run for fun.

I will have to get a Doctors note from a sports Doctor and have some tests for my fitness done. You also have to join a running association as well to get to do these races. It does cost money to do these but they will last me the Whole year.

I have a friend already signed up with a running Group/ association and shes enjoying it a lot so i might join her’s probably. Also they ask you what races you want to sign up for and pick up your racing bib and goodie bag for you. Then you just pick it all up at their office which isnt that far from my house which would be way easier for me.


The reason i want to do this in 2015 is because i dont want to do it this year and waste it with not being able to train so much.

There’s seriously no point signing up and paying for all this if your just going to waste it and not do any races. And there are so many races out there now in Roma it would be stupid not to be able to run them after going through all that and the cost.

So by next year my back should be completely fine and i should be stronger without risk of injury again fingerscrossed.

Also from what i have heard the goodie bags can be quite good for these professional races πŸ™‚ As you get race tops, sports drinks, food and of course the medals!(more shinnies!) So this makes them worth the price of the races in my eyes.

I only have the non-competitive race goodie bags to go by and sometimes they were good and other times disappointing.

Its important to me to keep active and do my running/races as i want to show Peanut its good and healthy to be active. And im hoping one day she will want to run with me to.

So watch this space! πŸ™‚



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