Bruschetta quick & easy

I usually dont write about food i make myself but today i enjoyed what i had for lunch so much i decided to share it with you.

So this morning i had to quickly do the food shopping and while walking round the shop came the same old question ‘what the heck could i have for lunch?’. I didnt want anything to heavy and i didnt want something i always had, today i fancied something a bit different.

As i collected my veggies for the week it suddenly hit me Bruschetta! I hadnt had this in over a year and suddenly i had a craving for it.

Its a typical starter in Italian restaurants and homes and something i have never attempted before! There are different types of Bruschetta toppings you can use like smoked salmon, patè, mushrooms, truffles and more but my favorite is the simple little tomatoes.

Once home with all the fresh ingredients i got started on preparing it. I havent read any recipes on how to make it but while watching them make it in the Italian restaurants here in Roma i knew it was pretty easy. This would be my first attempt at making it so i was pretty excited.

These are the things you will need: IMG_20140112_122015

1) Chunky bread to toast
2) Garlic
3) little tomatoes
4) Olive oil
5) Basil Leaves (i didnt use any this time)

First of all i washed the little tomatoes well then drained them and after this i cut them up into little chunkys. Then i added olive oil to them and mixed it all well togeather.


At this point you can add salt and pepper if you want to but i decided not to.

Next i popped the crusty slice of bread into my toaster and made sure it became nice and crunchie! Bruschetta is usually very hard but i like mine a little lighter than this.


Once the toast was done i took a piece of raw garlic peeled it and then rubbed it vigorously up and down the toast slices before cutting them in to half. Then it was time to add the chunks of tomatoes and the oil which they were in.

It was so unbelieveble tasty and even though its a simple thing to make i was very proud of myself for doing it well.

Even Alex once we saw it decided he to wanted some for lunch and also said they were very very good, which coming from an Italian is a very high compliment. He only asked that next time i use more garlic on the bread! lol.

So my easy Bruschetta lunch was a big success!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ali Jackson
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 14:19:01

    Once again, proof that you only need a few simple ingredients to make something
    REALLY tasty!


  2. Tobi
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 17:27:09

    Looks nice, and sounds easy enough – should definitely try that too!


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