Hipster Hash! Rome Harriers

I had heard of the Rome Hash Harriers a few years ago but when i attempted to join their Group it seemed it wasnt running anymore.                             images

So i was very happy and suprised to see a few random blog posts about how it was up and running again once a month! woohoo!


Its a social running Group who then go to the pub afterwards for a drink!(A drinking club with a running problem they call themselves).

There are chapters of the Hash House Harriers international running club all over the world from what i have seen (1500 chapter so far around the world). The Rome chapter was founded back in 1986 and growing ever since.

It really does sound like a lot of fun and a good afternoon/evening out depending what times they hold the Group. Sometimes its held on an afternoon and other times its an evening event.

They also have people who act as the ‘Hare’ who everyone has to chase around as well as having to dress up on some of the themed runs.

Its not all running though as you can go at your own pace and theres also a walking Group as well with a walking ‘Hare’. 🙂


The next run they have scheduled is” Hipster Hash”! on Sunday the 26th Janaury at 2pm and you are encouraged to wear a ‘Hipster’ top for the run.

I had planned to go but am unable to this time but they do have other runs/walks scheduled for the next few months. So im planning to go along to one of those when im able to as it does sound like fun.

So either the The red dress run on 15th Feb or The Ides of March on 15th March.

But if your in Rome i encourage you to go along to one of the meet ups the Group is made up of mainly English speaking people and expats. And from there website they all seem like a friendly bunch of drinkers with a running problem! 🙂



I must admit when i saw the word ‘Hipster’ i wondered what the heck this was! I had images of the 50’s and 60’s when it was cool to be a Hipster! But this is what i found for the modern Hispter:

What is a modern Hipster?

From what i have googled and read Hipsters wear tight jeans, sandels, flowery, flannel or plain coloured tops (nothing bright) usually tucked into their trousers,they have large thick rimmed glasses and dont wear make-up and keep there hair either down or in a bun. They dont do popular fashion as its mainstream which isnt being a Hipster. They like and Always shop in second hand shops, dont like Brand stuff (clothees, bags etc), listen to indie music and obscure bands no ones ever heard of, eco-friendly extremists,their usually passionate about their views but dont have political ones. They are usually vegan or vegetarian and dont believe in athletic ideals. They also dont like anything thats popular or Mainstream, if your mainstream your not a hipster (so im guessing Facebook, twitter, Instagram are to ‘Mainstream’ lol) and drink lots of black coffee or tea.




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