The Mummy brain

Its been almost 5 months now and im still experiencing the ‘Mummy brain’ and i dont think it will ever go away!

There are different stages of Mummy brain you experience along with motherhood which i can say im knee deep in now. And yes i am still enjoying it ๐Ÿ™‚

And so here is a funny around up of ‘the mummy brain’ and a few experiences of motherhood:


Forgetting what your about to do repeatively through out the day. This also includes things you need to remember and what you were about to say.

Leaving things on the side because you have forgotten you got them out in the first place.

You cant remember what day it is let alone the month or even the date!

Getting used to baby vomit and milk all over you so you dont even bat an eye lid when the baby food starts to fly and gets smeared everywhere during a feed. Licking babyfood from your hand or arm where its splattered on you just to save time. And this stuff gets and goes EVERYWHERE there is no escape!

Trying to get baby to eat babyfood but still drink the same amount of milk she usually does to. So in the end it becomes a wrestling match of Mummy vs Baby as you try to get her to drink more milk than she refuses to take.

And its interesting the amount of different positions you have to try/learn to keep the bottle in baby’s mouth! Who needs yoga when you have a battle with baby and bottle lol!

It becomes second nature when you need to sniffing a little persons butt to see if they have pooped or not almost everyday. Or the fact they decides to hold it until you have just sat down with your lunch and taken a mouthful before they decides to go!


Conversations with your partner/Husband everyday about weather baby pooped or not that day! What colour was it? how much did she do? was it soft? was it hard? if she had trouble going or not?.

Becoming an expert at changing nappies and again not batting an eyelid when baby decided to have a wee when you have just removed the nappy! Luckily for us this has only happened 3 times in almost 5 months woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

Normal adult conversations become few and far between as you find yourself subconsciously talking in baby talk or copying the baby cartoon talk off the tv.

Worrying that when you do actually get to have an adult conversation with friends your talking in baby talk and not realising it.

Its also crazy how you can keep repeating Mummy mummy mummy! in a desperate attempt for it to be your child’s first word. And im pretty sure she knows what im talking about as she gives me an amused little smile back but wont say the word lol.

Everytime baby makes a noise you listen closely for a word! The first word whats it going to be? Sitting there for ages trying to workout baby gurgles, agoops and grunts.

Sleeping 4 or 5 hours becomes normal and you sleep with one eye open incase someone wakes in the night crying. Or when baby cries or gets frightened you hear the ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ shouted loudly in your direction. Which just proves she DOES know im Mummy but will only try to say it when needed.

Continuously checking on baby every 5 minutes when their asleep or taking a nap as you suddenly find you dont have anything to do.

Getting used to having little hands clutching clumps of your hair when you hold baby. And having it pulled when she doesnt want to go down or takes a clump of hair with her.

Then theres the pinching of skin, hair and anything else she can get hold of. Along with little fingers and hands which like to explore everywhere like your face, eyes, mouth, nose when shes being held.


Going out becomes a military operation where you have to pre-prepare a bag with nappies, milk, changing mat, water, powdered milk, tissues, an extra onsie, etc. Getting ready to go out a Whole hour before you actually need to leave the house just to make sure your going to leave on time.

Then theres the bundling up so baby doesnt get cold and the worry of ‘did i wrap her up to much? Is she going to get to cold? will she be to hot? do we really need to go out? did i remember everything?’.

Repeatedly singing the only two nursery rhyme songs you can remember to baby over and over. Then decided you should look up some more but ‘Mummy brain’ kicks in and within a few minutes you have forgotten to do it already.

Taking a million and one photos and videos of your little angel as their growing so fast and you cant believe they were ever so tiny!

So as you can see im definitely suffering from ‘Mummy brain’ all the symptoms are there! Theres no escaping it! LOL!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Feb 09, 2014 @ 00:31:21

    Mind boggling on how fast they grow!


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