The art of baby food making

So Peanut has been eating babyfood fruit the last few weeks which the paediatrician said we could start her on. After the first few days she merrily opens her mouth now wanting and desperate for the fruity wpid-IMG_20140203_091943.jpg goodness!

Its gone from a few spoonfuls to her polishing of a Whole large jar in one day which is two feeds! One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

As she’s doing so well we were given the all clear to move onto broth mixed in with baby rice powder.

The broth we were told we had to make ourselves! So of course another first for us as we had to muddle through the paediatrician’s instructions and then do some googling when we werent 100%.

And so this is how we make the baby broth:


Take a potato, carrot and courgette and peel the first two. Make sure you cut of the ends of the carrot and courgette before cutting them into pieces.

Add them to a pan of one litre of water and then put them on to boil. You want to boil them until theres only half the liquid left in the pan.


After this remove all the vegetables you only want the liquid at this stage so then you let it cool down until its warm. You just want the liquid as this is the broth and has the nutrients at the moment.

Then you take 180cc of the boiled water while its still warm and put it in a bowl, here you add 4 to 4 & half table spoons of powdered baby rice or corn which you sprinkle round.


The mixture should become a little less runny and more goopy at this stage so make sure you mix it well (you dont want it to watery). Now you can add a tea spoon of olive oil and a tea spoon of parmigaino which you mix in well.


The mixture is then ready to serve to baby!

There should be enough of the broth/boiled water for 3 meals so you can bottle the rest and out it in the fridge but it must be used up in 2 days no longer.

After 10 days of this you can then begin to keep the vegetables in the food by blending them up and adding it all to the mixture! πŸ™‚ Also once a week its good to change one of the vegetables so baby gets used to the different tastes.

Also you can add a small jar of baby food with meat in like White fish, chicken, etc once there used to the veggies.

I have read its good to get a baby to taste as many different things as possible when they are little. This way they can be a little less fussy when they get bigger if they have already been eating a Whole range of foods.

We started on the liquidized veggies today in with her broth with 3 spoonfuls of the baby rice powder.

The only downside of starting solids is she doesnt want to drink so much milk anymore which a lot of parents have had trouble with to! So sometimes its a little battle to get her to enjoy and take both.

And Peanuts verdict on this new food shes eating? Not very impressed at first as its extremely messy! But now shes happy to eat as much as she can heehee!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 23:26:08

    Nice post. I hope that it helps some new parents. Peanut is just so Beautiful in that picture!!!!!


    • ciro1
      Feb 16, 2014 @ 08:48:24

      Im interested to see what other parents in other countries do. My mum never did this for us in the UK but my Grandmother used to do it!


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