International Women’s Day is on the 8th March

The International Women’s Day is on the 8th March where women get to celebrate and be celebrated!

It was origionally called International Women’s working Day and its a celebration of women’s economic, political, and social achievements.

Here in Italy its traditionally celebrated by Italian men giving the women in their lives mimosa flowers which are a lovely Yellow colour and very pretty. The meaning of the Mimosa flower is sensitivity and secret love. untitled22

There not just for wives and girlfriends but all women mothers, sisters, daughters.

Quite a few shops here sell the flowers and gifts (mostly chocolate or little Yellow cuddly toys) for the day which is a Holiday. You can also find these flowers sold on the Street alot this week leading up til and on the day so are easily found.(So men dont usually have an excuse not to buy them).

Its a chance for the women to be spoilt a little and even go out with other female friends and enjoy a night out. Or even have dinner made especially for them by their men.

I guess in a way its a bit like Valentines day but only the women get to enjoy it lol.

Normally Alex will bring me chocolate or something else just as yummy for the day as i dont like flowers which have been cut. I would rather have a plant i can look after than flowers which will die in a few days.

This year we are celebrating me and Peanut 🙂 That day we are going to the centre of Roma for a walk around with her as it falls on a saturday. I know its going to be a good day and we can celebrate as a family this year. Im even going to put her in her Yellow t-shirt which is the same colour as the mimosa flowers which we will see everywhere that day.


The forecast says it will be sunny and bright that day so it will be a nice adventure for us all. And Peanut may end up with a little Yellow gift if we can find one to mark her very first International Women’s day!

Are you planning to celebrate that day to?


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