6 months old today!

Hello my name is Peanut and today I’m 6 months old!PhotoGrid_1388734303888

At 14 weeks I started to try and sit up in Papà’s lap and in my bouncer because I could already roll to my left by then but not onto my tummy. I didnt like laying on my tummy but Mummy said it was good for me.

15 weeks and I decided everything I could hold, grab or take was for my mouth as my teething was getting worse. I showed mummy and Papà where it hurt and mummy let me chomp on her finger when I need it which helped alot.

Mummy had a bad back for a long time and couldn’t hold or feed me which made me a bit sad. But I got to spend a lot more time with Papà and that made me very happy!! He maade me laugh so much with his singing and funny voices.

Papà put my bouncer next to the sofa so I could see mummy on the sofa and play with her which was fun. We also had lots of snuggles on the big bed which I liked so much.

Also at 14 – 15 weeks I got a bit scared of other people and wanted Mummy and Papà but I was still very curious of everyone. I didn’t cry though when zio (uncle) Franz visited me he was very funny and made me laugh and smile so I didn’t mind sitting on his lap. After that i didnt mind anyone holding me as they all seemed friendly.

16 weeks i started copying Mummy and Papà when they made funny sounds to make me laugh i like doing that a lot now.


We also had a big adventure outside that week and i saw a Merry-go-round for the first time and i loved it! I kicked my legs to the music and talked to it but i was to small to ride it. Mummy said next year i can have a go on it!

At 17 weeks i began to pinch everyone hard if they were holding me or next to me as i liked to test everything i could touch now as i love to explore different textures and things.

18 weeks i decided it was time to start trying to roll onto my tummy as i could roll to my left. I got very angry and frustrated when i got stuck but Mummy was there to help me. 🙂

Mummy said she was very proud of me when i kept my head and shoulder up high for longer each time 😀 but she had to help me roll back over when i got upset when i had had enough.

19 weeks i loved touching things with my fingertips and trying to type on the computer keyboard when Papà held me up to it. I also tried pear/pera baby food for the first time! It tasted funny and i screwed up my face but i was a good girl and ate a little. Mummy said i had to have a bit everyday so i would get used to the taste and texture of food. It only took me 7 times and then i quite happily opened my mouth to eat my food and i liked it alot!

20 weeks I had my very first playdate with my little friend he’s a few months older than me but he was really nice. I was also the same size as him as i was really long and big! Mummy had to put me in 6 month size clothes as i wouldnt fit into anything else!

I also liked to spend alot more time on my tummy and hold me head up much more by now.

21 weeks i moved onto other baby foods Mummy had to make for me in the kitchen and i ate it every lunchtime. I wasnt very sure of it at first as it was very messy but after a while i decided it was ok. 🙂

I was also Learning new noises and loved to squeal at the babytv when one of my favorite cartoons came on! Also Mummy got worried when i liked to make deep gasping sounds but i wasn’t worried as i was just trying out different sounds to make thats all.


22 weeks i was obsessed with rolling onto my tummy as i could do it on my own by now 🙂 I even started lifting my bottom and moving my legs as i wanted to move.

Also i had my 2nd vaccination which i didnt like and i got scared and cried alot but Mummy said i was very brave. I got very scared that night and didnt want to be put down so Mummy held me most of the night and kept me safe 🙂

23 weeks Papà bought me a high chair so i could sit up properly when Mummy fed me my food which is fun 🙂 I also started to have naps in my big bed in the day to get used to it as my other bed was to small for me and i was feeling confined.

I liked my new bed Mummy called a crib as i had lots of room to roll around in although Mummy sais im not allowed to sleep on my tummy.

I had to go to the hospital as well as i wasnt eating enough and the Dr said i had a red throat and might have an infection. We stayed 6 hours there while Mummy and Papà tried to get me to do a weewee in a bag for testing which took 2 hours as i didnt want to wee. Then they said i had to have a blood test which i didnt like and i screamed and cried as loud as i could but Mummy hugged me and i felt much better. After all that the nice Dr lady said i was all ok and there was nothing wrong but i decided i liked the milk they used in the hospital much better than my own milk and drank lots of that instead.

24 weeks I was happy to drink my new milk and I had a very bad cold this week Mummy said i probably picked it up in the hospital.

I couldnt breath properly and cried a lot because my nose was so blocked, i was scared and tired. Mummy let me sleep next to her on the sofa bed as that helped a lot as i could touch her face and hair.

Papà was very worried and phoned the Dr who said i had to have special nose drops and have an aerosol done twice a day. I didnt like the nose drops but i liked the aerosol it made me laugh and Papà kept telling me off for trying to lick inside it when it was on my face. My cold turned into a chesty cough which i didnt like but Papà made me have the medicine and it got better.

25 weeks Im so big now and half a year old already! I really like to lick things now and taste them with my tongue.

I have started to eat baby biscuits now and Im so big now i have lunches, baby fruit and yoghurts for my food in the day.

I can roll both ways now and this week i have started to screech with happiness at the tv when my favorite cartoons are on! I even like to screech in the day but Mummy said i shouldn’t do it as everyone in the building can hear me. But im just expressing myself and trying out new sounds thats all.

Im also obssessed with trying to crawl now and can raise my bottom and move my legs under me but i still have to get used to moving my arms and supporting myself properly. But once i get the hang of this thing called crawling i will be unstoppable!



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  1. Gil
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 21:24:41

    What a beautiful diary of Peanut’s first six months. I don’t think I’ve seen such detail before. Well, except for my own baby book where my dad wrote almost daily posts. I was also the 1st born in my family. The notes got to be less and less with my younger brother and sisters.


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