Food Review: Bambu 1 Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurant

As i mentioned in a previous post it was International Women’s day (Festa Della Donna) on the 8th March and to celebrate me and my friend Jenny images369KY0ORdecided to have a dinner out togeather on the friday night (7th).We both had other plans on the acutal day of Festa della Donna which fell on a saturday so friday night was easier for both of us.

My friend booked a table at a nice Chinese/Janpanese/Thai place she knew in the Battistini area which she said was really good. I love chinese/thai/japanese food so was really happy to try this place new to me.

It was quite busy when we got in there but we had a table waiting even though we were 10 minutes late getting there.

The place looked really nice and the food on the tables that i could see looked really appetising. Sitting down the waitress explained we could just order dishes off the menu or they also did an all you could eat menu as well. Browsing through the menu we both decided to have the all you can eat menu which was 18.90 each which didnt include drinks or dessert if you chose to have it.

The menu was slightly different than the normal menu i noticed but it still looked good with a mix of chinese, japanese and thai dishes which all looked very yummy. There was a nice selection of sushi ranging from 2 pieces, 6 pieces and a large mixed plate which im guessing you could share.

The Waitress explained we could order 3 dishes each then once we had finshed them we could move onto ordering more things of the menu.

We decided to start with ravioli di gamberi which were little dumplings with bits of prawn and vegetables inside which are one of my favorites. They were really light and tasted really good and one of the best dumplings i have ever tasted.

Next we had both ordered noodles with mixed veggies and meat. When they arrived we realised our mistake as both plates of noodles were huge and we probably could have just shared one between us. We both struggled a little with the noodles but managed to finish most of them in the end which left us mostly full.


Our next dish was sushi and my friend Jenny has two pieces of salmon sushi and i had sushi with egg on top which was really nice and light.

By now Jenny had been defeated by the noodles and couldnt eat anymore but i decided to have something else as i dont have sushi very often. So i ordered the cucumber sushi which was 6 little pieces which i could manage easily.


After this we decided dessert was in order or rather i did as i treated myself to a cream caramel which was delicious and Jenny had an after dinner coffee to help her digest.

The staff were all very helpful and attentive and our waitress even spoke to us in English when she heard us talking at the table even though we had spoken to her in Italian.


When we paid we saw they also did a take-away menu but unfortunately as i dont live in that area there was no point taking a menu/leaflet.

Our waitress was really nice though telling me i should come again and after really enjoying the meal i really think i will. The Whole meal cost us 47.10 euros which isnt bad between two people.

As i said our only down fall was both ordering the noodles and so next time we know to skip them and enjoy more of the sushi selection.

I really liked the fortune cookies we were also given as we left and had to smile at my fortune which was inside.


Bambu’ Restaurant 1
Via di Torrevecchia, 302 – 00168 Roma


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  1. Gil
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 00:02:43

    Got hungry reading this.


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