My Promise

I have been thinking a lot about the future as Peanut is growing so quickly and what kind of Mom i want to be. I remember my own childhood and things that made me feel sad or upset and i dont want to do that to her. untitled

So i made a list of things/promises i want to keep to myself and her:

1) I never want to catch myself pointing my finger at her when im telling her off its not nice and not needed.

2) If i tell her what shes doing is wrong or naughty i want to explain to her why it is and just not say ‘because i say so’. If you explain things in a basic simple way children do understand and you can explain right from wrong and your keeping them safe.

3) Not always tell her shes bad or naughty for getting upset as even adults get upset about things and thats not always a bad thing. Shes a child shes going to act out and get upset sometimes and thats quite normal.

4) Teach her experiences and fun can be more important than material things. I want her to have a childhood filled with lots of adventure and fun!

5) Let her grow up slowly, i want her to enjoy her childhood and be a child as long as possible, enjoying her imagination and playing with her friends.Keep her belief in magic as long as possible.

6) I will never tell her she cant be or do something just because shes a girl, she can be what ever she wants to. ( And if she was a boy i would still tell her this).

7) I will never talk about dieting or use the word ‘fat’ around her. Shes beautiful and i dont want her to become paranoid about her body imagine or what the media says is perfect.

8) I will encourage her to eat healthly and the right way and show her that sports and exercise can be fun. And i hope one day she will run with me 🙂

9) I will encourage her to make friends, understand other peoples points of view, be gentle and nice to others and try to get along with everyone. But also make sure she knows not to let people take advantage of her or treat her badly. I hope she wont be to spoil and never turns into a mean girl.

10) As i said before i will let her be little as long as possible and i wont encourage her to wear make-up. Theres plenty of time for that when shes older not when shes a child. I will dress her as a child not a version of a mini adult as i have seen many children dressed up as here.

11) I will encourage her to do things shes good at and enjoys and never put pressure on her to be what i think she should be. Its her life and her decisions when shes older what path she wants to travel down.

12) Everyone cries and theres nothing wrong with that and i dont ever want her to think its weak to show emotion.

13) Let her know i love her very much and will always be here for her when ever she needs me. Forgive her when she gets angry with me and tells me she hates me and Always there to offer hugs when she needs them.

14) Show her how wonderful books are and how they can expand your imagination and how sometimes a good book is better than just watching tv.

15) Teach her that playing outside in the parks or gardens is much more fun that sitting indoors infront of video games and the tv.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cath
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 08:48:07

    You sound like a great mum!


  2. shedoeswrite
    Mar 22, 2014 @ 11:21:04

    I absolutely love this! Wonderful goals to set for parenting. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award 🙂


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