Running is out and Weights are in

I haven’t had time to run in the last 3 weeks because i have been so busy with Peanut now moving onto solid foods at dinner times as well as lunchtimes. I know it sounds like an excuse but its not, each evening is filled with dinner making and baby food making, sorting out dishes and everything i couldnt get done in the day.

By the time i crawl into bed at 8pm im shattered and then im up at midnight to feed Peanut milk as well as 3am and then 6am. So as you can imagine at the moment even if i had time to run the desire to isnt there and i would honestly just go to sleep.

I know i mentioned getting a running stroller before she was born but i just haven’t had time to look at them and maybe getting one would be the answer. At least i could run in the day when we went for our walks in the park so thats something to think about.

Anyway i haven’t given up completely on my fitness as im making sure we fit in walks in the park when the weather is nice usually in the late mornings. Im Always active and moving about during the day playing with Peanut or doing things so i am getting a little fitness doing that.

I have also gotten out my yoga ball, weights and weights workout again when Peanut has her nap πŸ™‚ The workouts im looking at are quite intense and will help me build up some arm muscles again. Im quite happy about this as muscle can be lean, burn calories when your resting and help tone you up.

Im really enjoying the next day ache in my arms knowing i have done a good job the day before in my workout and i can see the muscle re-defining quite quickly.

I know quite a few fitness twitter friends who have given up running almost completely to just use weights and its working for them quite nicely. So for now my plan is weights, weights, weights!

Im still hoping to get a Kettle Bell weight and workout DVD another expat friend recommended to me in the very near future and i have seen they have amazing results.

As long as im doing some kind of exercise im happy and all i want to do is get back into shape! Especially as after buying jean’s last weekend i now find myself in a size 14 jeans instead of a size 10. The main problem is my hips are much wide hence the large size of jean im fitting into even if there a bit lose.

But still at least i have some jeans to wear now and that makes me happy πŸ™‚



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  1. Gil
    Mar 22, 2014 @ 18:36:30

    Wish I had your drive to get back exercising. I’ve been lazy since the first snow this season. Time to dust off my weights…


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